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Trunited, the First Socialized Commerce Platform, Set to Launch

PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / August 17, 2016 / Divided we fall, Trunited we stand. It's the slogan and calling card of the first Socialized Commerce network, Trunited.

Trunited is the brainchild of Dr. Nicolas Porter, an award-winning business founder, doctor, and multi-industry disruptor. It is a platform set to harness Socialized Commerce, a new form of business that aims to take profits that were going to large businesses and advertisers and redirect them to consumers and connectors.

Dr. Porter describes Socialized Commerce as a system that is able to, "combine the universal goodness of capitalism through entrepreneurialism, effort and innovation along with the positive aspects of socialism that unite a partnership through sharing, synergizing and uniting in a symbiotic relationship that rewards the strong contributors yet pulls, from above, everyone who participates in the system, thereby creating a stabilizing floor that no contributor needs to fear or focus on. It's the creation of an opportunity for partnership with no ceiling, but a rock-solid, hard to fall through ground floor that calms and narrows the focus of the entire system to look up instead of down."

The Trunited network acts as a platform for the Socialized Commerce process. It is free to join, and consumers can buy products through the network. If and when they connect other consumers to the network, they are treated as profit participants. The profit from every product purchased on the Trunited platform goes to a Trunited "piggy bank," and the money collected is then distributed among all Trunited members relative to the amount of people they connected.

To ensure that every member finds success, Dr. Porter developed a pay structure, Payplan 360, that focuses on making sure there are numerous ways to benefit financially for every Trunited member. And, using a secret algorithm and the Law of ProSyn Dynamics, Dr. Porter has ensured that the success of each member of Trunited positively impacts the rest.

"The bigger the network grows, the more each member benefits," adds Porter.

"Divided we fall, Trunited we stand."

SOURCE: Trunited