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Trusted LASIK Surgeons Wants to Remind You to Spend Your FSA and HSA on LASIK and Other Procedures!

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trusted LASIK Surgeons wants to remind Las Vegas residents to spend their remaining FSA and HSA on LASIK and other eye procedures. Both your flexible spending account and health savings account are great ways to pay for eye surgery and save money through pre-tax dollars. Many patients use their FSA and HSA to pay for the majority or the entirety of the procedure. FSA, in particular, is unique because the balance resets on an annual basis. Making it a “use it or lose it” fund that Las Vegas residents should take advantage of. The staff at Trusted LASIK Surgeons can even help you find a surgeon you trust.

An FSA, or flexible spending account, is a fantastic way for people to plan larger medical expenditures such as LASIK eye surgery. Money is taken out of the patient’s paycheck on a pre-tax basis and can be used for a variety of qualified procedures. The average earnings fall between 20% and 37%, which means that any amount of money put into the fund without being taxed turns into a sizeable amount by the end of the year. This can also be helpful if your employer has a program that adds additional funds to your FSA, although some companies do not offer that service. While there are some grace periods that you can choose from with an FSA. These typically do not last for too long, in fact, only one can retain all of the money you have saved and it only lasts for two and a half extra months past the new year.

A HSA, or health savings account, is also a great way to plan for a larger medical expense. Unlike FSA’s, it has no annual reset point, meaning you can choose when the best time for your LASIK procedure. This flexibility is great, and a lot of Las Vegas residents use the new year as the perfect time to fulfill their resolution of getting LASIK surgery. Dr. James Salz had this to say about LASIK surgery: “New Year's is a great time for anyone to get the LASIK procedure. It is a common resolution and many people like the idea of starting out the new year with fresh eyesight.”

The staff at Trusted LASIK Surgeons wants to remind you to use your FSA and HSA before the new year! You can call them at 1-800-483-8028 or schedule an appointment with them online!