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Would You Try One of These Unique Beauty Treatments?

SMP Contributor

Every bride-to-be deserves to indulge herself in spa and beauty treatments before her big day! These treatments serve both as a means to relax and take a break from the stress of wedding planning, but also to pamper yourself and look your best for the big day!

And while massages, facials and peels should absolutely be a part of your wedding prep regimen, there are a bunch of new and unique treatments with special benefits that are worth checking out to leave you looking and feeling amazing!

Infrared Sauna

Infrared therapy and saunas can have a host of beauty and health benefits. Instead of a traditional sauna which just warms the air, the infrared heats your body directly, thus creating a deeper detoxifying experience as you sweat out all of the toxins. The treatment can help improve the immune system, alleviate pain, and burn calories as your heartbeat races in an attempt to cool the body down. In fact, some studies have shown that you these saunas can burn upwards of 600 calories while you relax!

As far as beauty goes, infrared light can heal the skin by stimulating collagen production to reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin tone. It can also have healing effects for various skin treatments like acne and eczema.

Vinotherapy: Red wine baths

To be clear, this is not just taking a bath in a bottle of red wine, although that does sound pretty fun. Instead, in the wine-making process, there are remnants of the grapes that do not make it into the wine that can be re-purposed for beauty and skincare purposes. Grape-seed oil, for example, is rich in free-radical-fighting antioxidants and contains linoleic acid, which has anti-inflammatory benefits to help smooth skin and promote circulation.

The idea with these baths is that if you let your body and skin absorb them, it will leave you with fresher and younger looking skin!


You've probably seen cryotherapy on social media, as it's endorsed by many celebrities and athletes. Cryotherapy is when you stand in a deep-freezing tank for several minutes, with the machine pumping out icy air that's as cold as negative 184 to negative 292 degrees Fahrenheit.

Obviously, this is a total shock to your body, but it also activates the body's natural healing mechanisms, like increasing metabolic rate to produce more heat and keep the body warm. The treatments can help with weight loss by burning calories, reduce pain by increasing blood circulation and decreasing inflammation, improve athletic performance, as well as improve sleep and slowing aging by triggering collagen production and skin rejuvenation. Brides with heart, respiratory or other health conditions should consult with a physician before trying this treatment!

A Salt Cave

Salt caves are made up of pink Himalayan salt, bricks on the walls and loose grains on the ground, and the benefits of salt therapy (halotherapy) are wide-ranging from improving energy and blood sugar levels, to helping skin conditions, and detoxing the body. The calming and detoxifying effects of halotherapy can support the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems.

Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial so additional benefits can be reduced stress and headaches, increased energy, and better sleep patterns. Skin conditions can also be improved with halotherapy (psoriasis, rashes, eczema, acne). Unlike table salt, which is incredibly dehydrating, pure mineral salts have natural moisturizing and rejuvenating properties.

Sensory-deprivation soaking pods

These sensory deprivation tanks can serve as an escape and ease a lot of the stress of wedding planning, as your mind and body completely relax. Sensory-deprivation soaking pods actually aid in relaxation and stress reduction. The float tank looks like a large enclosed pod or bathtub that is designed to block all out external distractions so you won't have sight, hear sound, or feel anything, including your own bodyweight.

The tanks are filled with an Epsom-salt solution, which creates buoyancy for the body, where you will feel weightless and like you're completely floating.

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