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TryMyUI Study Finds Sen. Harris Is Winning the Web Design Primary

SALT LAKE CITY, July 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a recent study by web usability company TryMyUI Inc., Senator Kamala Harris has the best website of leading 2020 Democratic nominee candidates. The study, which also included candidates Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Bernie Sanders, measured how usable the candidate websites are and how much support they converted from new visitors.

Usability study compares five leading Democratic presidential candidate websites

"We wanted to know who was most successful in the digital space," said Ritvij Gautam, CEO of TryMyUI, "and so we developed a test aimed at discovering not only who had the best website, but also what made that website so successful."

Of the five tested websites, the study found that Senator Harris' site provided the best combination of personability, ease-of-use, and visual appeal. Notably, her site was in stark contrast to rival Joe Biden's, whose site was rated last and heavily criticized as being "impersonal" and "dated."

Support conversion came primarily from how likeable the candidate seemed from information and media provided on the website. For example, Warren and Buttigieg's websites, finishing second and third respectively, excelled in this category, netting between 60-70% conversion from new visitors, but lagged behind Harris' in overall design and usability.

"The most important finding," Gautam said, "was that candidate websites need to reflect who the candidate is as a person. Harris' site was referred to as 'bold' and 'refreshing,' descriptors that were also used in reference to her first debate performance."

For the full analysis and rankings, read the whole post here.

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