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TSURUGI Finance is a Cutting-Edge Finance Platform that has The Potential to Dominate The Metaverse Market

·6 min read

VICTORIA, REPUBLIC of SEYCHELLES / ACCESSWIRE / November 22, 2021 / The current boom in the cryptocurrency market has been led by the rise of NFTs and DeFi, associated technologies such as those relating to the metaverse have begun to gain traction among the general public. Decentralized technology is on the verge of becoming the most important technology of the current and future generations.

Despite this surge in the adoption of decentralized technologies, there have been increased concerns regarding how personal data is handled. Personal information may become increasingly difficult to secure in the future from major entities, such as governments in some nations.

In light of the present economic climate, we are pleased to launch TSURUGI Finance, a project that intends to create a new economic sphere by allowing individuals to safely store and use valuable information and assets.

TRGX, our governance token, will shortly become a Gold Sponsor of TENSET's "Infinity" Airdrop in order to expand the number of token holders and prepare for an impending IEO on Kanga Exchange.

As TSURUGI Finance comes live, it will be built around three main operations:

  • DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

  • NFT marketplace

  • Live streaming platform

This distinct model of operations or business arms will have unique purposes:

(1)DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

Through its limit price function, unit price display, and ability to bridge across different blockchains, our DEX "TSURUGI Exchange" is positioned to be a UI/UX gamechanger in the DEX field.

TSURUGI Exchange will be created on the "TSURUGI Chain," our own blockchain. The following features distinguish this blockchain:

  • Security

  • High transaction speed

  • Low fees

Furthermore, engaging in farming on the TSURUGI Exchange will be different from traditional farming in that users will be compensated with cryptocurrency pairings instead of simply the governance token. Our farming business is projected to attract more users by rewarding a currency such as ETH, which already has a market value.

TSURUGI Exchange also intends to provide a ready-to-launch platform for new tokens in the future. While traditional launching techniques like IDO are prone to fraudulent projects, TSURUGI Exchange's debuting platform will be protected by a third-party institution.

(2)NFT Marketplace

By leveraging TSURUGI capabilities, NFTs will have unparalleled functions thanks to the NFT marketplace. Physical assets like real estate, art, automobiles, and watches will be tokenized and traded, as well as digital assets like digital art and digital characters. TSURUGI Finance's NFTs are distinguished by the fact that they generate an income and capital gain that is described as follows:

Generating revenue: Purchasing actual assets on our NFT marketplace isn't as difficult as you might think. Similar to a timeshare model, the sellers have the option of keeping ownership of their assets while also listing the 'right to share the profit earned by their asset.'

Generating capital gains: Tokenization allows physical goods to be traded in new ways. Vintage tokenized items like luxury watches and classic autos appreciate in value over time, providing buyers with a sort of capital gain. The marketplace allows buyers to amortize their NFTs by exchanging the token for the tangible assets at a specific time and location.

Each of the income gain and capital gain models caters to the demands of both sellers and buyers.

(3)Live Streaming Platform

In partnership with the hologram image developers of the famous Japanese virtual character "Hatsune Miku," the live streaming platform will build an application that uses a blockchain-based tipping system.

TSURUGI Finance users will be able to promote products through live broadcasting, however, users of other NFT markets would have fewer alternatives for making their products stand out. On the NFT marketplace, sellers can team up with well-known live hosts to promote their items to a wider audience.

The live session and promotion, on the other hand, will be able to generate income for the live hosts. The streaming infrastructure will be upgraded in the future to include recording capabilities, allowing live hosts to tokenize and sell their live footage on the NFT marketplace.

Furthermore, live hosts can tokenize themselves, allowing buyers to keep a percentage of the revenue generated by their live streams. Within the TSURUGI Finance economic model, there are virtually limitless possibilities.

How TSURUGI Finance Stands Tall Among Other DeFi & NFT Platforms.

The core strength of TSURUGI Finance borders around three platforms; the expansion of any one of the platforms would accelerate the growth of the overall TSURUGI Finance economy.

While decentralized technology benefits a large number of people, it still contains flaws that must be solved. Each individual in a decentralized economy has control over their assets, however, this requires the asset holder to keep track of their own secret keys and passwords linked to their digital wallets.

"Digital Asset Management Foundation" was founded to assist TSURUGI Finance in its operations in order to address some of these disadvantages.

The foundation's four primary functions are as follows:

  • Management and preservation of assets

  • Security service

  • Listing items on behalf of clients

  • Appraisal of the authenticity of items

TSURUGI Finance capitalizes on the merit of decentralized technology while addressing its disadvantages. The foundation's first security service, "Password Bank," is an excellent example of this. Password Bank is a brand-new security solution based on secret sharing systems.

The disadvantage with traditional decentralized wallets is that if the password is forgotten or the account holder dies, the assets are gone forever. Password Bank allows users to recover passwords by using two or more people who have been allowed by the account holder to authenticate the password. In other words, even if an issue arises, such as a password loss, the assets in the decentralized wallet can be recovered.

Ultimately, the Password Bank technology will be implemented throughout all TSURUGI Finance enterprises, with the potential to be used by governments, financial institutions, and huge organizations all over the world. As the general public begins to participate in the crypto markets, we believe that such technology will deliver significant value.

TSURUGI Finance intends to build a metaverse where real people and real assets mix with virtual occupations and characters in the near future. TSURUGI Finance is projected to be one of the industry pioneers as large corporations slowly attempt to enter the metaverse industry.

Please refer to the following links for further information on TSURUGI Finance

Website: https://tsurugi-finance.org

Telegram: https://t.me/Tsurugi_Finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TsurugiFinance

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tsurugi_finance

YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCyYdrcJzTeToUZeEOfsILXA

For more information on the announcement from TENSET, please visit

TENSET Twitter: https://twitter.com/tenset_io/status/1449296341734236165?s=29


Tsurugi Finance

Address: Victoria, Republic of Seychelles

Email: tsurugifinance@gmail.com

Website: tsurugi-finance.org


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