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The Tudor Chronicles: Author Bonny G Smith Releases Box Set of Highly Acclaimed Historical Novels on Amazon

Set of three novels beautifully captures the rich imagery of Tudor-era history

FAIRFAX, Va., July 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Tudor Chronicles consists of three full-length novels, unfolding in unmatched spectacle the rich, opulent glory of the Tudor era. Book One, The Nymph from Heaven, tells the fascinating story of Henry VIII's younger sister, Mary, who became queen of France, but still managed to marry the commoner she loved. This story of a romance that would not be denied is juxtaposed with the tragic tale of Anne Boleyn. Book Two, The Baker's Daughter, relates the heartbreaking story of Henry's daughter by Katharine of Aragon. Mary Tudor was England's first reigning queen; through a chain of disastrous events, she became known to history as Bloody Mary. The third book in the series, In High Places, continues the saga with the story of Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I of England. As their lives unfold, a fateful juxtaposition becomes evident: Mary's star flashes and dies, while Elizabeth survives to become the most powerful sovereign England has ever known.

"The Tudor era of history has captured the imaginations of millions of people for over five hundred years," says author Bonny G Smith. "It seems that not a year goes by without a new mini-series, movie, or book being offered to this avid fan base of Tudorites. I continue to be amazed, and very grateful, for the phenomenal success of the books of The Tudor Chronicles. Statistics bear out that those who read the first book continue to read the entire saga. So I decided to publish the series as a box set, to accommodate my readers. I am currently writing the fourth book in the series, This Mighty Realm, which continues Elizabeth's story from the time of the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots until Elizabeth's death and the end of the Tudor Era in 1603. There will also be a fifth book, a prequel that tells the story of the founding of the Tudor Dynasty. The working title is To Thine Own Self, and this final book in the chronicle will relate the story of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York."

Bonny G. Smith's The Tudor Chronicles is available on Amazon in eBook format; the individual novels of the series may also be purchased in paperback.

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"The books of The Tudor Chronicles deliver a superb fictionalized account of the Tudor Era. From the first page, Bonny G. Smith breathes life into the characters, and throughout each novel the personalities, politics, and the spirit of the age are beautifully drawn. I like my historical fiction accurate, and Smith delivers. There is no attempt to change history. The research that has gone into these novels is palpable, without ever feeling heavy-handed." – Dr. Steven Veerapen, PhD, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland

"For those who love the Tudor period, these books are a must-read. The books of The Tudor Chronicles are well-researched and captivating. A worthy five stars, and well-suited to a mini-series." – Karen Dagger, Leeds, UK

 "Other writers have told these tales in their own fashion, but I prefer Ms. Smith's style. The flow of dialogue, build of plots and interactions of characters in The Tudor Chronicles is easy to follow and captivating. Ms. Smith is a very gifted writer." - Elizabeth Hinson Roscoe, Kannapolis, NC

"The Tudor Chronicles is exactly the type of material that begs for a movie or mini-series." - Joan Borthwick, UK

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