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Tuesday's Morning Email: Feds Secretly Wiretapped Paul Manafort Before And After Election


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PAUL MANAFORT WAS REPORTEDLY WIRETAPPED BY THE FEDS “Federal investigators allegedly secretly wiretapped former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort before and after the 2016 election, according to a CNN report Monday. Manafort first came under surveillance after a secret court order authorized it for investigators who were looking into work he did on behalf of a pro-Russia Ukrainian political party, CNN reported.” [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] SENATORS WHO VOTED AGAINST OBAMACARE REPEAL ARE NOW WAVERING Sen. Lisa Murkowski said she’s still considering the new Graham-Cassidy proposal. [HuffPost] HURRICANE MARIA SLAMS INTO DOMINICA AS CATEGORY 5 STORM Caribbean islands are bracing for impact as the hurricane ravages Dominica, causing “widespread devastation.” [HuffPost] HOW SAN DIEGO’S HOMELESSNESS CRISIS HELPED CREATE A DEADLY OUTBREAK Hepatitis A, spread by fecal contamination, has killed 16 people and sickened 421 since November, ravaging the city’s homeless population. And San Diego isn’t the only city with an outbreak. [HuffPost] SENATE BACKS MASSIVE MILITARY SPENDING INCREASE Setting up a future battle over government spending. [Reuters] TOYS ‘R’ US FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION Over its $5 billion in long-term debt. Here’s what’ll happen to one of the biggest brick-and-mortar stores out there. [HuffPost] THE SEAN SPICER APOLOGY TOUR CONTINUES Spicer told The New York Times that he regretted his first move as press secretary of yelling at reporters about the size of the inauguration crowd. Kellyanne Conway had some thoughts on Spicer’s Emmys appearance ― and here’s how in the world that appearance came to be. And April Ryan is not letting Spicer off the hook. [HuffPost]


ONE LAST EMMY HURRAH Women’s stories triumphed after all. On days when you get frustrated, watch Jackie Hoffman react after losing her Emmy to Laura Dern. And we adore how Elisabeth Moss’s shoes showed the patriarchy. [HuffPost] CHECK OUT THE BEST SCENES OF LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS From the HuffPost Listen To America Tour. [HuffPost] UP YOUR BOARD GAME CRED By completing one round of this game, which takes 1,500 hours to finish. [Kotaku] A WARNING ON THE DANGERS OF TEXT TWO-FACTOR VERIFICATION Turns out they’re easily hackable. [The Verge] THIS IS EITHER THE WORST POLITICAL AD OF ALL TIME Or the best, as we’re all talking about it. [HuffPost] AND SOMEONE IS LITERALLY FLUSHING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AWAY IN GENEVA Feel free to mail it to us instead. [HuffPost]


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