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TuringSense and Sports Surgery Clinic Sign Technology Partnership to Improve Injury Prediction and Return-to-Play Readiness for Elite Soccer, Rugby and NFL

SANTA CLARA, CA and DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwired - Oct 19, 2016) - TuringSense, a wearables technology company, today announced a technology partnership with Ireland-based Sports Surgery Clinic (SSC), Europe's busiest sports medical center specializing in elite athlete care and 3D biomechanics research. Through the partnership, SSC's clinical and 3D biomechanics expertise -- already world-renowned for applications in patient diagnosis, rehabilitation and return to play -- will now be bolstered technologically by the integration of TuringSense's pioneering multi-sensor, high-speed motion capture system, PIVOT.

Together, the partners will deliver a new generation of field tests based on 3D biomechanics analysis for injury prediction, rehabilitation, and return-to-play readiness. The first focus will be the development of a new field-based version of SSC's VU test, a proprietary return-to-play multidirectional test which combines athletic, biomechanics and performance maneuvers for elite and recreational team pre-screening. SSC will detect events during the execution of VU using TuringSense sensors, which will capture sport-specific movements, to allow a detailed examination of joint/segment angles and accelerations.

This enables practitioners to conduct a full biomechanical motion analysis of the VU test anywhere without needing to build a lab with multi-cameras -- using PIVOT's IMU sensors' portability. The TuringSense motion capture data will be integrated with SSC's extensive return-to-play three-dimensional motion analysis database built over five years of clinical and elite sport experience. The resulting data, which will initially be validated in elite soccer and rugby, will then be used to create tailored programs for the commercial market. 

"As a pioneer in motion capture for tennis, we are excited to integrate our technology to support SSC and to contribute to the sports of soccer, rugby and football," said Joe Chamdani, co-founder and CEO at TuringSense. "From day one, our vision has been to help athletes prevent injury. We have built our sensors with highly accurate 3D biomechanics and platform to accommodate multiple applications. This partnership allows us to realize the vision."

According to Andy Franklyn-Miller, head of global development, SSC, "At SSC, we are the first to incorporate 3D biomechanics testing in all of our management, rehabilitation and injury prevention pathways, whether it is after surgery or on first presentation. After repeated testing of many sensors in the market today, we arrived at the unequivocal decision to partner with TuringSense, both for the accuracy that PIVOT delivers and for the transparency of the talented TuringSense team."

The partners also plan to launch a series of software licensed bundled products beginning in April 2017. The products will include return-to-play testing systems for athletic groin pain, post ACL injury and Achilles and ankle injury alongside a return to play injury prevention screening and testing system.

"Combining PIVOT's cutting-edge nine-axis sensors (which can handle up to 500 movement fps) with SSC's 3D biomechanics assessment capabilities will produce much more accurate insight into abnormal movement patterns, leading to better risk prediction of both acute injury (e.g. ACL tear) and overuse injury (e.g. groin pain)," said Chamdani.

About TuringSense
TuringSense, a pioneer in wearable technology, is revolutionizing sports training through optimized advanced full-body motion capture technology and biomechanics analysis. The company's first product, PIVOT, uses innovative multi-sensor, high-speed 3D motion capture and analysis to provide instant biomechanical feedback for technique optimization and injury prevention for sports like tennis, golf and swimming. Its technology also has a wide range of applications in physical therapy, insurance compliance, rehabilitation, posture correction and virtual reality/gaming. www.turingsense.com.

About Sports Surgery Clinic
The JCI accredited, dedicated orthopaedic sports medicine hospital is a leading international center for the treatment of orthopedic, spinal, sports and exercise related injuries, the Sports Surgery Clinic (SSC) delivers new standards for excellence in patient care. With enhanced patient diagnosis, treatment and recovery times, the SSC offers in one location a rapid access facility for screening, diagnosis, rehabilitation and surgical treatment of acute and chronic sports injuries. Unique in the private sector clinical research is an underpinning focus of the clinic's ethos improving outcomes in challenging conditions for elite and recreational athletes www.sportssurgeryclinic.com