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TV anchor's 'wake up and makeup' tutorial will make you LOL

Because most local television correspondents do their own makeup, many have some serious skills. Bob Herzog, one of the co-anchors of WKRC Local 12’s Good Morning Cincinnati, has his morning routine down to such a science that he’s well on his way to becoming a full-blown beauty vlogger. 

With his ongoing Facebook series called “Wake up and makeup,” Herzog’s video tutorials are packed with hilarious and informative commentary. “Violently blend like you are ashamed of your face. Violently blend. You hate it, and now you love it,” he says in one post. 

TV anchor Bob Herzog teaches his fans how to “violently blend” makeup like a boss. (Photo: Bob Herzog via Facebook)

On Friday, he took to Facebook Live for 14 minutes. Beginning at 4:19 a.m., he starts by rubbing what looks like foundation onto his face to even out his skin tone. Then, he discusses “the nub” when he pulls out his concealer stick and shares his best application tip.

“My concealer stick is sort of down. I don’t have anything else,” Herzog said. “There’s not enough, but what you don’t realize is when you have your concealer stick, and it’s down this low, there’s what I like to call ‘subterranean nub,’ there’s inner nub. You can’t just poke that into your face. I don’t know a lot about skin care, but you can’t jab hard plastic into your face.” Using a napkin, he then dabbed the product on his face. “Pokey, pokey, pokey with the tissue, pokey, pokey, pokey, like that,” he said. “You don’t have to make that noise, but it helps. I think that noise is the call of the nub.” 

As the video goes on, he blends the remaining concealer, then finishes his face off with some bronzer and is ready to go live on-air. After one take, he blends on more bronzer and powder to finish and fully round out his process.

While his most recent live-action post was certainly a highlight for Herzog’s fans, he has actually developed a fanbase for his side hustle. One person tweeted, “When you wake up late and have to put on makeup quickly, just follow @Bob_Herzog and blend violently and quickly.  There’s no time to dilly-dally.” Others have chimed in as well, sharing their enthusiasm for Herzog’s consistent efforts. 

One YouTube vlogger went as far as to actually try to follow one of Herzog’s tutorials, and his results were pretty spot-on.

Herzog currently has more than 40 videos, and almost all of them have thousands of views.

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