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A TV Station Identified This Denver Bronco As A 'Tight Butt'

Denver Broncos tight end Jake Butt, pictured doing drills during a rehab session in July, was the subject of a TV station's graphics gaffe.

They made an ass out of him.

News station KRDO in Colorado Springs used a graphic to identify the position of theDenver Broncos’Jake Butt as “tight butt.”

They got the “tight” part right ― he’s a rookie tight end. And of course they mistakenly got the “butt” from the player’s noteworthy last name. The two words together form a compliment, if you appreciate that sort of thing.

But they probably don’t belong on television news together, and that’s why we are celebrating this end-all blooper.

KRDO sports director Rob Namnoum graciously accepted that the station would be the butt of jokes.

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This article originally appeared on HuffPost.