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TVR Plans Official Return in 2015 with Two New Sportscars

Jeff Perez

It’s been a short time coming since official word broke of revival of famed British automaker TVR. Yet, new owner Les Edgar says that the brand is right on par for a return to the market in 2015, and with two brand new cars.

These two vehicles, Edgar promises, will be “entirely in character” with the TVR we’ve come to know in recent years under the ownership of Smolenski. Both of which expected somewhere in the market of £50- and £80K, maintaining their claim to fame as “supercars for the common man.” All the while building around a more serious business.

“It is a well-thought-out business plan,” Edgar told Autocar, “and at the root is the requirement to make money. We will all have a lot to lose. But we also know it can’t be an overnight success. I’d say it would take a minimum of three years to break even. We’re playing a long game.”

TVR Sagaris 2

TVR management also hopes that the new vehicles will compete with the likes of Aston Martin in the realm of “fast, great-looking, front-engined, British” sportscars, but without many of the electronic drivers aids found in cars like the current F-Type.

Expect to hear more news on TVR closer to an official break back into the market come 2015.

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