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Twitch finally arrives for PlayStation Vita users

The PlayStation Vita is the last PS product to get a Twitch app.

The only current gaming device in Sony's PS ecosystem without a Twitch app is an outcast no more.

The Vita app very closely mirrors the one already available for the PS3.

So, for instance, it can be used to watch live or pre-recorded video from gamers; or to follow and interact with channels and games.

And because the Vita, unlike other PlayStation devices, is mobile, as long as you've got a data connection you can watch Twitch wherever you are in the world.

Since launching as a platform for watching video-game related content -- be it an expert completing a challenging game level, or a full e-sports event, Twitch has grown from a tiny niche service to an Amazon-owned business with over 100 million monthly users and more than 1.5 million broadcasters.