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Twitter and Google say, 'I luv u'

You may be soon be seeing your tweets…on Google (GOOGL).

Reports say Twitter (TWTR) and Google have a deal that will make it easier for tweets to show up on Google searches. The plan calls for Twitter to provide its data directly to Google, thus making the results appear quicker and more prominently on the world’s biggest search engine. Currently, Google needs to go get that information from Twitter’s site.

Yahoo Finance Senior Columnist Michael Santoli calls it a win-win for the two firms….and an important symbiotic relationship.

“They do need each other,” he argues. “If you do a Google search on something you heard might be happening now, you’re probably going to get some sort of dated result. This gets Google results much fresher. And for Twitter, you do need the exposure right now. So much of what Twitter has now is buried and they’re not doing a lot themselves to have that surface.”

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The two companies had a similar arrangement from 2009 to 2011, but it expired, reportedly because of concerns by Twitter about keeping more control of its content. Santoli thinks this new agreement will help Google achieve immediacy it couldn’t create itself.

“It gets them this trove of real time, very, very current search results that can kind of inform people about what’s happening now and that’s what Twitter says it’s about,” he notes. “It also represents the fact that Google at one time thought Google Plus might serve that purpose. Clearly it did not gain any scale so it couldn’t.”

For Twitter, Santoli sees Google boosting user experience.

“One of the real frustrations for Twitter users and people who don’t use it but want to check it out-- it’s really terrible when it comes to search,” he says. ‘It’s very hard to isolate specific things, even from within somebody’s own timeline. So I do think Google technology surfacing these things is probably a good thing.”

Santoli believes working with Google is the kind of business move Twitter needed to make.

“A big priority for Twitter management is to get users who don’t actually, so to speak, belong to Twitter to actually have some awareness to what is said on there,” he points out. “I think from a business perspective Twitter has to become a mass market broadcaster, not a peer-to-peer narrow caster. It is that, largely already, but they have to amplify that function.”

And Santoli feels a Google-Twitter hookup is just another sign of what’s actually happening in the media world today.

“When it comes to social media, there’s no such thing,” he says. “Media is media. It’s mostly social media now. So this is a further acknowledgement of that.”