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Twitter Thinks Lonzo Ball Is Throwing Shade (Again) At Nas Over This Hoodie

Jessica McKinney
Fans react to the Lakers player's hoodie, suggesting he was throwing shade at Nas.

By Jessica McKinney

Lonzo Ball incited much of the hip-hop community after he declared that Nas was “outdated” in today’s era of music. Following significant backlash, the basketballs player suggested that he didn’t mean to disrespect the legend, but the hoodie he wore to the Lakers vs. Knicks game at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday (Dec. 12), has the Internet questioning his real intentions.

Ball was seen at MSG rocking a hoodie with his face superimposed onto Nas’ classic 1994 album, Illmatic. Immediately, Twitter users lashed out on Ball, blasting him for disrespecting the NY icon, in his home city more importantly. “Wow. Look at the hoodie Lonzo wore to MSG tonight. Disrespecting the GOAT once again,”one person stated. Others insisted that Ball be cancelled.

Ball may have compared himself to a legend, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to walk the walk. The Lakers reportedly lost to the Knicks in overtime, 109 to 113. And to add salt to the wound, Nas popped up on social media to troll the LA star with a photo of the NY team. “Great Win Knicks,” he wrote.

Well played Nas.



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