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Two Fun New Music Sites Reimagine the Music Video

Rob Walker
Tech Columnist
Yahoo Tech

As I’ve argued previously, we’re in a second golden age of music videos — and this time some of the “videos” aren’t really videos.

Here are a couple of new examples (both via Waxy) that rethink what a music video can be in the post-MTV age of the Internet.

First: The dedicated site for the electronica album George & Jonathan III is an interactive wonderland — a set of “highly advanced music videos that let you see all the notes we used in our songs.”

That is: As the songs stream, they’re accompanied by supercool interactive animations that correspond with the music itself. Mostly that means sound-visualization graphics that give the viewer control over various views and angles.

(Although one song is visualized as a cute cartoon.)

Second: Tether is an “interactive web application” for the electronica duo Plaid, made in collaboration with Jono Brandel (Patatap). You’ll have to click a bit at the start to get things moving.

But once the music really kicks in, it’s “accompanied by a series of graphic shapes that gradually evolve as the music progresses; you can manipulate what you hear by clicking and dragging your mouse — or, if watching on your smartphone or tablet, touching and dragging on the screen.”

Doing so can create some disconcerting rhythmic changes, but it’s kinda fun. And if you get too distracted by, oh, your job, let’s say, the music makes for a nice sonic backdrop — even without your poking and prodding.

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