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Two Washington players make boy's birthday great during chance encounter

A chance encounter with two men who turned out to be Washington running backs led to a boy having a tremendous birthday.

Joey Snapp, who judging by his Twitter feed is a fan of the rival Dallas Cowboys, posted a story on his Facebook page on Tuesday about an interaction he saw at a Gamestop store near his home, and presumably near Washington’s training facility in Ashburn, Va.

Nicely done: Washington RB Rob Kelley and teammate Keith Marshall performed a random act of kindness this week. (AP)

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We’ll let Snapp tell the story:

“Today I witnessed one of the most amazing acts of kindness I’ve ever witnessed. I was in Gamestop and a child walked in around 11 years old talking about how his birthday was coming up and he’s wanted an Xbox One for a few years, but his parents couldn’t afford it. Another customer overheard this and walked up and asked the child what the issue was. The child explained again that he wanted an Xbox for the last few years for his birthday and his parents couldn’t afford it. These two gentlemen told the kid they wanted to buy him an Xbox for his birthday and to go out and get his mom and make sure it was ok. The kid, in shock, went and told his mother and this mother came into the store wondering who wanted to buy their kid an Xbox. The mom walks in and the one guy says:

“Ma’am, my name is Keith Marshall and this is Rob Kelley and we play for the Washington Redskins and we would love to buy your son an Xbox One for his birthday.”

My jaw hit the floor watching this. So they buy him the Xbox and a game and they take pictures with the child and go on about their day. I didn’t even know what to say. It was such a good moment from 2 guys who I will forever be a fan of from this day on.”

Marshall, a seventh-round draft pick in 2016, is on injured reserve with a torn patellar tendon; Kelley, also a rookie in 2016, is part of Washington’s running back rotation, with 108 yards in two games this season.

Nice job, gentlemen.