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How Tyler Valenzia Went From Being A Marine To A Fitness Influencer

MADISON, WI / ACCESSWIRE / March 2, 2020 / Growing up, we have memories of that one kid who used to get picked on at the playground during lunch time recess. For some of us, we were that kid. What's surprising is how some kids who used to be bullied turn out to be super successful years down the road. Some of today's biggest influencers like Megan Fox, Christian Bale, Rihanna, and even Taylor Swift have admitted to being bullied as kids in their past. Each and every person in that list has gone on to become successful in their field. Often times it's the kids who were picked on in school that end up leading and influencing today's society. A perfect example of this is Marine and fitness influencer Tyler Valenzia.

Tyler Valenzia started lifting weights at the age of 14 because he got tired of getting picked on. He said, "I got tired of being skinny and getting picked on so I decided to make a change. I wanted to prove something to everyone that I could achieve something more and I wanted to gain the respect of others." Tyler began his journey by watching body builders in Youtube videos. One of his biggest inspirations was Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Motivated by the physique he saw, Tyler spent his time applying his knowledge from the youtube videos and mimicking the workouts he watched. He bought his own weights and began lifting in his basement.

It has always been progress that has motivated Tyler to keep going. He said, "there are so many things that motivate me but I'd say that the main thing that motivates me is the progress and being able to see how far you've come and realize that everything that you did led you up to this point and that just goes to show that if you want something bad enough and you believe that it will happen then it will 100% happen as long as you're willing to make the sacrifices and do whatever it takes to get you there."

After looking at present day Tyler Valenzia, it'd be hard to imagine the scrawny kid who used to be picked on. Currently at 200K followers on Instagram, Tyler has built a following around motivating people to get fit. He's on a mission to make sure his audience reaches their full potential just like he has. He said, "after being consistent for awhile and you start to see results you'll never want to stop. Also not to mention being fit is very good for your body and your overall health. Being fit will allow you to live a long and happy life."

That is the track Tyler has been on for years now. Currently serving in the Marines as an aviation electronics technician, Tyler faces challenges every day. When we asked him about his experience in the Marines he said, "serving in the Marines has been by far the most challenging thing I have done. From waking up early everyday to all of the pt's and to all of the obstacles that I had to overcome and continue to overcome it's been an experience. Sometimes it's hard to be far away from all of my friends and loved ones but I try to keep a positive mindset and tell myself that this is only temporary and that it will benefit me in the long run."
Tyler has plans to make 2020 a big year. With multiple endorsement deals from companies like Dragan Pharma LLC and MVMT, Tyler shows no signs of slowing down soon. With the number of social media users continuing to climb daily, influencers like Tyler Valenzia will be important to the future health of our nation.

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