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How Tyrus LLC Is Empowering the Next Generation of Gamers, Content Creators & Influencers

·5 min read

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 31, 2022 / What do you want to be when you grow up? It's a common question we were all asked when we were young. Some of the classic answers include "teacher," "pro athlete," or "doctor." For younger members of Gen Z, the answer is none of the above.

In a 2021 survey of over 3000 teens, the top choice for a career path was "YouTuber." For older members of Gen Z, a similar aspiration still exists. In a study by Morning Consult, 54% would become an influencer if the opportunity was presented to them.

So, with such a staggering statistic about the aspirations of our future leaders, why is it that so many creators are struggling to get the education needed to succeed in this new, rapidly changing industry? Well, one company is leading the charge to provide just that.

Tyrus LLC is a rapidly growing talent management firm empowering gamers, content creators, and influencers to grow their own businesses. Founded in 2017 by James Boehm, Tyrus Talent Services specializes in helping creators define, grow, and evolve their brands by offering services such as; platform management, social media management, and agency representation. Over the last few months, Tyrus Talent Services has implemented some new changes to further its agenda of offering an affordable solution to underrepresented content creators.

Tyrus LLC d/b/a Tyrus Talent Services, appointed Amanda Solomon, who previously joined the Tyrus LLC team in early 2020, as CEO of the company.

X1 Esports and Entertainment Ltd. has announced a definitive agreement to acquire Tyrus, LLC

Tyrus LLC reveals staggering client results showcasing the success of their products and services.

Amanda Solomon, as the CEO of Tyrus Talent Services, brings with her new ideas and a vision for a better tomorrow. Since becoming CEO in 2021, Solomon has changed the company's business model from taking a percentage of influencer revenue to a flat rate, making these services more accessible to a variety of creators. "Many of the gaming influencers we see today are privileged, they have been playing games since they were kids and have an unfair advantage on underrepresented and underprivileged minorities, which is why we aim to be an affordable solution that levels the playing field," said Solomon.

Amanda followed up by stating ,"We focus on helping historically disenfranchised and underrepresented communities such as BIPOC and LQBTQA+''. With an already diverse roster of incredible content creators and gamers, including IAmBrandon, BlizzB3ar, Catieosaurus, and Brizzy Voices; Tyrus Talent Services is already one of the biggest management firms for content creators around today, and will continue to empower content creators as they grow under new ownership.

Tyrus Talent Services recently announced they have reached an agreement to be acquired by X1 Esports and Entertainment Ltd. The goal of the acquisition is intended to expand X1 Esports' reach into the Gen Z demographic and add additional revenue streams, the company said.

Amanda, who will remain CEO under X1 showed enthusiasm and hope for a better tomorrow, stating that "We are so excited to have such an awesome team of professionals come in and help out in every aspect. We've done most of this on our own which has been hard at times, so I love that I will have new colleagues to get insight from and bounce ideas off of". Amanda also stated that with the acquisition, Tyrus Talent Services stands to gain a significant increase in resources that will allow them to grow and expand - while also allowing them to offer an even better product to their clients.

Tyrus LLC also recently revealed a glimpse into what it's like to work with them; PastaroniRavioli, a Twitch streamer and Youtuber they manage, has seen staggering growth in less than 90 days. Growing from a few hundred views a week to now garnering the attention of over 50k people daily. Results like this aren't uncommon, another client under Tyrus Talent Services, a model, was able to grow their income by 300% in just under two months!

It's more clear now than ever, that social media influencers and content creators are the super stars of tomorrow, with many becoming wildly more popular than professional sports players. This is why content and entertainment are shifting away from traditional television and onto social media, live streams, and short-form content. Tyrus is definitely someone to pay attention to as they continue to lead the charge in the influencer management industry through empowering creators of all sizes.

Solomon gave us some insight as to the future of the company stating, "It's hard to know exactly where we will be in 5 years as things change so rapidly, but what I do know is we will be in a position that is constantly pivoting to provide our clients with the skills, education, and resources necessary to be an industry leader in their field of work." Amanda also stated she will continue to offer scholarships to underrepresented groups, open an educational platform to teach others how to grow their brands, and continue supporting BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities along with marginalized genders.

About Tyrus

Tyrus LLC is an influencer management firm empowering gamers, content creators and influencers. Founded in 2017 by James Boehm and currently run by CEO Amanda Solomon. Tyrus Talent Services specializes in helping creators define, grow, and evolve their brands by offering services such as; platform management, social media management & agency representation.


Name: Amanda Solomon
Email: amanda@tyrus.tv
Phone: (662) 570-1234‬


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