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Is the U.S. Army’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle in Trouble?

Charlie Gao

The US Army’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle looks to be facing a troubled procurement schedule in the upcoming fiscal year. Although greenlit for full-rate production in June 2019, the JLTV saw several upgrades implemented in 2019 to address deficiencies found in service trials. But problems with the JLTV may have resulted in cuts in procurement.

The JLTV is supposed to be the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army’s next generation tactical vehicle, replacing a multitude of MRAPs and up-armored Humvee variants in service as the primary light wheeled transport on the battlefield. The army plans to procure over five hundred thousand JLTVs, and the Marine Corps plans to procure anAs such, it’s armored to protect against a variety of the contract to produce the JLTV was won by Oshkosh Defense, which also is the current manufacturer of the Army’s primary truck, the FMTV A2.

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