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U.S. dollar net longs fall to five-week low-CFTC, Reuters data

(Adds comment, table, market details) By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss NEW YORK, April 7 (Reuters) - Speculators further reduced bullish bets on the U.S. dollar, pushing net longs to their lowest level since late February, according to Commodity Futures Trading Commission data released on Friday and calculations by Reuters.

The value of the dollar's net long position totaled $14.67 billion in the week ended April 4, down from $15.27 billion the previous week. Investors have reduced long dollar bets for a second straight week and Friday's net long dollar positioning was a five-week low.

It has been an uncertain few weeks for the U.S. dollar, starting when President Donald Trump's fellow Republicans pulled their bill to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system due to a shortage of votes.

Investors were concerned that after the healthcare turmoil, the Trump administration would not be able pass the tax reforms that analysts believe would have a significant impact on the economy.

"The Trump administration has struggled to recapture the optimism of the post-election victory when the pro-growth policies were announced, and so far has not delivered," said Alfonso Esparza, senior currency analyst at OANDA in Toronto. That has weighed on the dollar.

The healthcare debacle in Washington was followed by the Federal Reserve minutes of last month's monetary policy meeting which showed an internal debate on inflation and growth that has raised doubts about the Fed's pace of monetary tightening.

Investors still see two more interest rate rises this year, a far cry from the four hikes being priced in at the beginning of the year.

Capping a turbulent week for the dollar were the U.S. air strikes on Syria and a U.S. nonfarm payrolls report that badly missed expectations.

"Expect the market to remain very nervous after Trump's missile attack on Syria, with fundamentals taking a back seat while investor anxiety remains high," said Esparza Net shorts on the Japanese yen, meanwhile, fell to 45,800 contracts, the smallest since December.

The Reuters calculation for the aggregate U.S. dollar position is derived from net positions of International Monetary Market speculators in the yen, euro, British pound, Swiss franc and Canadian and Australian dollars.

Japanese Yen (Contracts of 12,500,000 yen) $5.171 billion 04 Apr 2017 Prior week week Long 41,313 42,886 Short 87,113 96,067 Net -45,800 -53,181 EURO (Contracts of 125,000 euros) $1.521 billion 04 Apr 2017 Prior week week Long 155,468 163,648 Short 166,873 171,571 Net -11,405 -7,923 POUND STERLING (Contracts of 62,500 pounds sterling) $7.749 billion 04 Apr 2017 Prior week week Long 30,741 35,055 Short 130,414 139,130 Net -99,673 -104,075 SWISS FRANC (Contracts of 125,000 Swiss francs) $1.725 billion 04 Apr 2017 Prior week week Long 5,694 6,886 Short 19,519 23,278 Net -13,825 -16,392 CANADIAN DOLLAR (Contracts of 100,000 Canadian dollars) $2.255 billion 04 Apr 2017 Prior week week Long 38,535 30,419 Short 68,760 58,636 Net -30,225 -28,217 AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR (Contracts of 100,000 Aussie dollars) $-3.751 billion 04 Apr 2017 Prior week week Long 90,215 90,838 Short 40,622 37,700 Net 49,593 53,138 MEXICAN PESO (Contracts of 500,000 pesos) $0.257 billion 04 Apr 2017 Prior week week Long 80,979 72,728 Short 90,667 77,465 Net -9,688 -4,737 NEW ZEALAND DOLLAR (Contracts of 100,000 New Zealand dollars) $1.026 billion 04 Apr 2017 Prior week week Long 17,009 16,216 Short 31,733 28,845 Net -14,724 -12,629 (Editing by Chizu Nomiyama and Matthew Lewis)