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U.S. House Republicans await Obama's response to latest fiscal offer

WASHINGTON, Oct 11 (Reuters) - U.S. House of Representatives Republicans were awaiting a White House response to their latest offer to raise the U.S. borrowing authority, which could help lead to an end to a government shutdown, now in its 11th day, a senior House Republican aide said on Friday.

The aide did not provide details on what was in the House Republicans' offer, which likely is being discussed now at the White House in a meeting President Barack Obama is having with Senate Republicans.

Meanwhile, Republican Representative Tom Cole, who is close to House Speaker John Boehner, told reporters: "If he (Obama) signals back that he is willing to sign a short-term deal" on the debt limit, Republicans would move to negotiate a reopening of the government.

"I don't know why you couldn't have a short term (increase) in the debt ceiling secured this weekend or very early next week," said Cole, who as a House majority deputy whip helps round up votes in support of party leaders.

"And if you are in negotiations, I don't know why you couldn't have the government opened next week," Cole added.