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U.S. special forces to employ hybrid, multi-fuel motorcycles

George Kennedy


When it comes to our nation’s special forces, getting to battle is a key part of the mission. Considering where many of those missions lead, it is just as important to get there unnoticed and traversing long distances without needing to refuel. So how about a hybrid all-wheel-drive motorcycle? The answer is yes.

Motorcycles have long been part of warfare. In WWII, Harley-Davidson and Indian were popular motorcycles that were used as quick vehicles for messengers and other duties. Flash forward to modern warfare and the dirt bike is a crucial part of the Navy SEAL’s specialized vehicle arsenal. They include Kawasaki dirt bikes and Christini AWD military bikes. These speciality bikes feature modifications like inferred headlights, reserve fuel tanks and heat-masking paints.

00-Dirt Bike

According to Jalopnik’s military sub-blog Foxtrot Alpha, Logos Technologies and BRD are teaming up to create a next-generation military bike, with backing from the DARPA– the Dept. of Defense’s advanced development program.

The bike needs to be undetectable in many shapes and forms. So, in addition to running on multiple fuel types, it can run on electric power– resulting in zero engine sound. That takes away a motorcycle’s major tell. Just as important, the next-gen bikes are inexpensive (compared to other specialized transports like the V-22 Osprey), and can be suited for multiple theaters of warfare.

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