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UAT Group Eyes Military Contracts for Antimicrobial Technology

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Umbra Applied Technologies Group (UATG)

UAT Group announced today that its defense sector subsidiary Umbra Applied Technologies (UAT) is currently reviewing several government solicitations through System for Award Management (SAM) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

Chief Executive Officer, Alex Umbra stated, “We are currently pursuing several contracts with the federal government and are proud to be in a position to contribute to this country’s efforts here at home and abroad. We feel very strongly that we have technology that will greatly enhance operational objectives, mission capabilities and support the warfighter on the ground.”

While it is widely speculated that UAT is working with private sector companies to enhance their existing product lines by including UAT’s Hygieia ASP antimicrobial technology in their manufacturing and production processes, it should be apparent that UAT has much larger plans.  UAT is currently in the process of launching its biotech division and with that comes a full product line not the least of which is the Hygieia line of antimicrobial products.  With the capability to apply this new technology to textiles, paints and touch surfaces, the applications seem endless and seemingly so do the products.

When asked about the future, Mr. Umbra replied, “The scalability of Hygieia is something we continue to explore.  I am of the opinion that there is no place in our lives, our homes, on earth and beyond; that cannot benefit from Hygieia and I intend to prove it. I have already contacted manufacturers of major appliances, phones and home hardware to introduce them to the value add that Hygieia will bring to their products. Think about it, everything you touch or come in contact with every day is an opportunity for a pathogen to find a host but for us, it is an opportunity to prevent infection and potentially save lives. What if every daycare and school in this country stocked only toys and learning aids manufactured with Hygieia? What if every painted surface was covered with Hygieia treated paint? How would that slow the rise of so-called superbugs that have become resistant to antibiotics if we no longer needed to prescribe antibiotics en masse?  How would this improve our health and quality of life? “

Indeed, UAT might be correct in assuming that their technology is needed as more and more government contracts are now calling for antimicrobial silver to be used in their products. In fact, all branches of the United States Military currently have contracts out requesting that specifically silver be used in making certain products antimicrobial and while many manufacturers scramble to catch up, UAT is already delivering what they need. Military and VA hospitals are currently setting standards and specifications on using antimicrobial Silver in their facilities, something Mr. Umbra is very familiar with, “Targeting hospitals as the perfect application for Hygieia was a no brainer and we are currently packaging prototype products to be used across all hospital operations and infection management.  We will be releasing, for field testing, a pre-op surgical cleanser, with sustained antimicrobial effect, by the end of the year and hope to begin selling it early next year.  We will continue to work with medical administrators to further develop products that currently don’t exist to address needs that have been ignored for far too long.”

With the recent announcement of the Next Casting Technologies partnership indicating that expansion through strategic partnerships is fundamental to UAT’s business model, we can expect to see more announcements on companies joining the growing list of UAT partners.

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