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Uber CEO: 'I 100% stand by' COO accused of racially insensitive comments

Katie Krzaczek
Associate Editor
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    Perhaps all these over-sensitive people need some "toughness" training. It's gotten beyond ridiculous at this point.
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    and the board of directors isnt requesting for his dismissal? no boycotts? you mean people are actually letting the CEO deal with the issue? I suppose when your are a left coast liberal firm you get a pass and if you are from kentucky, you get roasted?
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    Track Czar
    Thinking out loud with the thought police in a constant state of arousal makes it difficult to pore through anything.
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    Julian D
    The moment they get into a price war, it's over. There drivers are their core. If they lose competent drivers because of lower pay to achieve cheaper rates the same thing happened when they lowered their wages last year will happen again. Just like Lyft did a year ago, another ridesharing company will rise up.
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    Mr. R
    What happened to that "Uber Chief of Diveristy Executive" Bozoma woman who is supposed to be the facade of Uber in terms of smoothing over all the political correctness nonsense to the public?? Oh yeah, she quit after less than one year, after collecting some serious hire-on money and used Uber as another political stepping stone.
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    The truth is insensitive to progressives.
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    Good for him. The black democrat socialists are working overtime playing the race card every chance they get. Pick your side. At some point they will force you to do it anyway.
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    Liberals are nothing more than adult babies. They take pride in their continual victim status in life. They are bored and unhappy; always looking for something to be offended about. Obviously they did not get spanked when they were children. I think we need new courses in high schools and colleges: "How to wipe away your tears and become a grown up", along with the time honored "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me".
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    Diego Hammond
    Oh boo hoo. When is this nonsense going to end?
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    The sad part is they want to be a dictator to control both riders and drivers. The ridershare is a dating game. The value is the exchange not micro manage by those stupid ratings. It is against HUMAN rights. IF priceline and ebay can get in the mrket with help of Waze, Uberand Lyft will be done!