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Uber wants to use planes to pick up and drop off passengers from city rooftops

Say what you will about Uber, there’s simply no denying that the company always has is eye laser-focused and fixated on the future. After spearheading the ridesharing revolution against overwhelming odds, Uber's next big bet rests on self-driving cars. In fact, Uber just a few short weeks ago began rolling out its first wave of self-driving Uber cars in Pittsburgh.

Interestingly enough, Uber’s grand plan to revolutionize the way we travel doesn’t end with cars. On the contrary, the company envisions a future where users will take advantage of VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft in order to travel short distances and bypass local traffic congestion in the process. And even further down the line, Uber believes that self-driving VTOL aircraft may become a reality.

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While Uber's Jeff Holden during a recent interview said that there's no guarantee that the company will go down the VTOL route, he did add that Uber is actively contemplating and exploring the idea. If all goes according to plan, Holden explained that a future where Uber planes will pick up and drop off users atop of building rooftops could become a reality within a decade.

In remarks relayed by Recode, Holden said that Uber is interested in the idea because the company wants to "offer our customers as many options as possible to move around."

Of course, a lot needs to happen before this grandiose vision actually become a reality, from a myriad of regulatory hurdles that need clearing to any number of logistical considerations. Still, for those wondering what the next big transportation revolution will be, perhaps this is it.

You can read more about Uber's lofty transportation goals via the source link below.

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