Uber Will Deliver You Ice Cream Today

Uber’s getting into ice cream again with a special promotion on Friday that’ll see it delivering supplies of the sweet treat to its riders around the world. The deal goes live in all 250+ cities where Uber operates, though the generosity of the offer varies from country to country and city to city. In the U.S., for example, Capital One cardholders, and new sign-ups in some locations, can enjoy a free order worth up to $25. For more information on how the deal works in your location, check out Uber’s special webpage here.

Here’s what to do:

1. Open the Uber app on Friday, July 24, between 11am and 7pm (times may vary depending on city)

2. Set your location and request ICE CREAM

3. If connected, order away and ice cream will be delivered curbside in minutes

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Uber is warning customers that “demand will be high and availability limited,” so be patient and don’t give up. Or just pop down the local store and get an ice cream there instead. This is the fourth year Uber’s run with an ice cream deal, which involves partnering with a huge number of ice cream sellers from around the world.

With the company often the subject of lessthanflattering headlines, it’s hoping the ice cream offer will score it a few new fans and grab some positive coverage for a change. Even better for the San Francisco-based outfit, the deal and ensuing publicity should land it a few new riders.

Uber’s highly productive PR team likes to roll out deals like this from time to time – remember those Christmas tree deliveries back in 2013? Or the time it delivered kittens to customers for 15 minutes of feline fun?