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Uh, oh -- you might find something other than Halloween candy in your trick-or-treat bag this year

Hannah Kramer

From Starbursts to Hershey's, Sour Patch Kids to Twizzlers, there's no shortage of candy on the Halloween market.

And while we wouldn't necessarily refuse any of these sweet treats, there are some we'd definitely prefer more than others. You're not alone if you'd be okay with giving up 100 pieces of candy corn for the perfect bite of a creamy Reese's Cup.

In a recent survey of the most popular Halloween candies, RetailMeNot -- aka one of the country's most popular savings destination -- found that yes, Reese's takes the cake for the most popular Halloween candy, with others close behind.

See more results of the survey:

And because some of these treats are better for your teeth than others (surprise, surprise), more and more people are opting to hand out something other than candy to trick-or-treaters, such as stickers (says 58% of people) or pretzels (believe 63% of people). The site even found that 24% of people believe that giving out a toothbrush would be better than candy!

We can't say we're onboard!