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UK creative industries now worth a record £100bn

Swan Lake – the English National Ballet’s production of the famous ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, at the Coliseum, St Martin’s Lane, London. Photo: Paul Cunningham/Corbis via Getty Images

UK creative industries made a record-breaking contribution to the economy in 2017, surpassing the £100bn mark for the first time.

According to figures published by the Department for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS) on Wednesday, the value of the nation’s creative sector has almost doubled from £66.3bn in 2010 to £105.5bn, and increased significantly from 2016’s figure of 94.8bn.

TV, film, advertising, radio, photography, music, museums, art galleries and digital industries make up this sector.

Jeremy Wright, secretary of state for DCMS said: “Our creative industries not only fly the flag for the best of British creativity at home and abroad, but they are also at the heart of our economy.

“Today they have broken the £100bn mark and continue on a hugely positive upward trajectory, outperforming the wider UK economy and bringing joy and entertainment to millions.

“We’re doing all we can to support the sector’s talent and entrepreneurship as we build a Britain that is fit for future.”

The research found that DCMS sectors had a growth of 3.4%, rising from £258.9bn in 2016 to a contribution of £268m in 2017 and accounting for 14.6% of gross value added (GVA).

Despite this, they failed to match the growth of the UK economy as a whole (4.8%).

However, looking to the trend since 2010, the department found that DCMS sectors excluding tourism increased by 36% to £130bn, compared to a 28.7% growth for the UK economy in the same period.

The DCMS sector comprises digital, creative, music, sport, gambling, telecoms, tourism and civil society industries.

The digital sector contributed £130.5bn to the UK economy in 2017, accounting for 7.1% of UK GVA – rising by a third since 2010 when it was £98.2bn.

The cultural sector contributed £29.5bn, an increase of 38.5% since 2010 (21.3bn).

The telecoms and sports sectors saw increases of 31.6% and 40% respectively since 2010. The gambling and civil society (non-marked charities) sectors increased by 10.3% and 24.1% respectively.

The tourism sector contributed £67.7bn, accounting for 3.7% of UK GVA.