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UK Man Builds His Very Own Street-Legal F1 Car

Jeff Perez

Anyone in the market for a new car would know, finding the right ride for you is no walk in the park. Countless brands, vehicle types, prices – it’s a lot to think about. UK resident Russ Bost was in such a predicament.

An engineer himself, Russ just couldn’t find a new car that suited his fancy. So, rather than settle for something ordinary, Bost went ahead and built himself his very own F1 car. Complete with Red Bull racing livery and all.

F1 Car

“You get a lot of reaction,” Bost told BBC News, “You can usually work out what they are saying by watching their lips. It is usually ‘what the heck?’”

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At 190 horsepower, the Ford Formula-based kit car is no track-ready racer, but Russ says he can manage 60 mph in only 3.5 seconds. And unlike your standard F1 car, it’s made to be driven on the road, even over speed bumps.

Not letting an opportunity go to waste, Bost has decided to build 17 more chassis for sale in the UK under the brand name Furore.

Image Credit: BBC News