Ultra Rare Breed of Most Delicious Sweet Corn Available for Limited Time

Naturally Bred Amaize Sweet Corn Available at Exclusive Retailers Nationwide

OLYMPIA, WA--(Marketwired - Jun 25, 2013) - Amaize Sweet Corn is now available for a limited time. This deliciously rare variety of white sweet corn is a popular summer treat enjoyed by all ages. Amaize fans rave about its amazing taste and crunch, claiming it is unmatched by any other variety of corn. It will soon be available exclusively in the following locations:

  • Sacramento, California - Raley's, Bel Air & Nob Hill Foods

  • San Antonio, Texas - H-E-B

  • New Orleans, Louisiana - Rouses

  • Atlanta, Georgia - Publix Super

  • Portland, Oregon - New Seasons

  • Toronto, Ontario - Loblaws

  • Buffalo, New York - Tops & Fresh Direct

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota - Bylerly's & Lunds

  • Visit www.AmaizeSweetCorn.com for more locations!

Amaize Sweet Corn is a 20+ year labor of love between George Crookham and Bruce Hobdey. The duo sought to perfect the taste and texture of Amaize Sweet Corn beginning in 1989 after discovering a type of corn with a crunch and a pop that differentiated itself from the textures of other corns, which tended to get too soft when cooked. After 22 years and ten thousand variations of testing, they perfected Amaize Sweet Corn!

"Amaize is my life's work. I have tasted literally over 50,000 ears of corn over 40 years and together with my breeding partner, Bruce Hobdey, pursued an insatiable quest for sweet corn perfection! Amaize is hands-down the best sweet corn ever. And now, we want to share our discovery with the rest of the world," said George Crookham, CEO of Crookham Company.

Amaize Sweet Corn is available for a limited time during the warm summer months and is sold exclusively in select stores and market areas including Portland, Minneapolis, Sacramento, Buffalo, New Orleans, San Antonio and Toronto, Canada. Find out more about Amaize Sweet Corn at www.AmaizeSweetCorn.com.

About Crookham Sweet Corn Breeders
Crookham is a premier and innovative breeding company based along the Snake River in Idaho with a longstanding reputation of excellence. This breeder is a multi-generational business that has been thriving since its inception in 1911. Over 100 years later, Crookham continues to be the leader in sweet corn, corn, onions and popcorn, and is the oldest and largest sweet corn breeder within the United States. www.crookham.com.