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It's Unbelievable That Snapchat Doesn't Have This Feature Yet

Alyson Shontell

Snapchat's popularity has soared to 150 million shared photos per day, and it's done so without an obvious feature that'd be simple to add:

The ability to upload from a phone's camera roll.

The problem: Each day, I receive Snapchats from friends who are more clever than I am. They take funny photos at just the right moment and I want to reward them with something witty in return.

But I'm not as gifted as they are, so I either don't follow up, or I take a ridiculous selfie of whatever I'm around. My photo response adds little value to their life, and it's probably as awkward for them to receive as it is for me to take.

Now, if I could insert a funny photo I've already collected, it'd be better for everyone.

Some people like the spontaneous nature of Snapchat and worry an upload-from-camera feature would ruin that.

@ajs @snapchat no snapchat don't listen to her it'll ruin the spontaneity that makes your app worthwhile at all

— Sam Biddle (@samfbiddle) June 7, 2013

But if you send a friend a picture of yourself hyped on caffeine, would you rather them send back this:

coffee selfie


 Or this:

snap dog sleeping face plant

Mike Isaac

Another missing feature: The ability to add friends on Snapchat from Facebook. But that's probably because Facebook blocked it. Occasionally Facebook prevents competitors from using its platform and it has tried to hinder Snapchat's success before.

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