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Undead apocalypse? 9 zombie-proof houses for sale

Claes Bell


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9 zombie-proof houses for sale

With the steady stream of news about gruesome, cannibalistic attacks over the summer, it's easy to wonder whether the zombie apocalypse portrayed in "Dawn of the Dead" and lampooned in "Shaun of the Dead" might finally be upon us.

If so, a prudent homebuyer has to take into consideration how a home will perform when fending off legions of the walking undead. Here are nine estates for sale from Realtor.com that appear to be ideal for sheltering zombie-survival enthusiasts through a downpour of zombie violence.

Castle of Rincon

Castle of Rincon is perched atop a mountain peak, giving 360-degree views of the surrounding countryside for whoever's drawn lookout duty that day. It's also equipped with gardens full of fruit trees and a 30,000-gallon water tank. It's 95 percent powered by solar panels and wind turbines, so you can live in relative comfort even after society has collapsed under the weight of the zombie plague.

Castle of Cornod

With its massive thick walls, two impressive turrets and 75,348 square feet of space to house hundreds of fellow zombie fighters, the Castle of Cornod looks ready to stand up to an undead onslaught. The more than 300 acres of land that come along with it might be helpful for growing food once the grocery stores have emptied out.

Castle Bluegrass

Castle Bluegrass boasts thick stone walls, several turrets complete with battlements, and tennis and basketball courts to help you stay in zombie-fighting shape. It also features a horse farm because who wants to fight zombies on foot when they could do so from the back of a huge Kentucky thoroughbred?

Lake Castle

Unless someone is foolish enough to teach zombies how to swim, the huge moat surrounding this lake castle should keep you safe from undead mobs. The property also gets its water from wells, so you won't need to depend on what's likely to be substandard service from your local utilities provider in the event of a zombie outbreak. The only thing you'll need to add in the case of zombie warfare is a working drawbridge. Currently, the house only has a regular bridge and, well, zombies can easily walk across it.

House Island

Located in picturesque Casco Bay, House Island would seem to be a perfect getaway from the hellish scenes of devastation likely to be happening on the mainland. Should some kind of post-apocalyptic pirates try to make landfall and a gilled Kevin Costner isn't around to help, the island houses a 19th century fort that should help you hold them off.

SAFE House

While its location in a major metropolitan area isn't ideal, thanks to the millions of potential zombies living nearby, this house more than makes up for it with state-of-the-art security features. Designed by the founder of security solutions firm SAFE, which stands for Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments, the home features two panic rooms and automatic safety doors that close off two of the luxurious bedrooms from attack.

Sandy Cay

At 6,334 square feet, Sandy Cay has plenty of living space for your zombie survival crew, and a 6,000-gallon-per-day reverse osmosis water filter to keep them refreshed. The property also comes with a fleet of boats, including a 40-foot yacht and a fishing boat to help you catch your next meal and patrol the waters for floating zombies.

Wolf Trap Light

While not as posh as many of the other entries on this list, this former lighthouse more than makes up for its lack of creature comforts by being an aquatic fortress that even the most athletic zombie would have trouble breaching. It has a rooftop lookout tower and comes complete with access to the mainland with a lot on neighboring Horn Harbor. Plus, its reasonable price of $288,000 can't be beat.

Eagle Castle Winery

They say that in a zombie apocalypse, the survivors would envy the dead. But what if they were surviving in a vast cellar full of delicious wine? With its battlement-style roof, huge wooden doors and moat, the Eagle Castle Winery would be relatively easy to defend from a zombie onslaught, and its 25-acre vineyard would give you plenty to fight for.

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