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Understanding High-Yield Mortgage REITs And How to Choose the Best Ones for 2013

the BullMarket.com Staff

Some of the best yields investors can find today are from mortgage REITs.

How mortgage REITs basically make their money is that they buy mortgages and then leverage these investments by borrowing repurchase agreements against them. The difference between the short-term rate they are paying and the interest they collect from the mortgages is the interest rate spread. The larger the spread, the more money they tend to make. In addition, the more leverage they use the more money they can earn.

For example, if a mortgage REIT had $1 million to invest, it could purchase a portfolio of agency securities (with basically no credit risk) and use them as collateral to borrow $8 million in additional securities. If the yield of the securities was 6% and the cost to borrow the funds was 5%, the interest rate spread would be 1%. If the firm didn't use leverage, its return would just be 6%, or $60,000. With the leverage, its return would be $140,000, or 14%, on its $1 million investment.

The past few years have proven to be an ideal environment for the firms that invest primarily in agency-backed securities, but with QE3 and other government programs, mortgage rates have come down and spreads have compressed. This has made investing in mortgage REITs more difficult, but there are still some firms that are attractively priced with well-positioned portfolios.

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