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Unicorn Hunters - A New Business Series - Introduces FORTË

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All "Circle of Money" Panelists Commit to Investing in FORTË a woman-led startup whose goal is to lead the world in streaming fitness

LOS ANGELES, May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Unicorn Hunters, the new addictive series spotlighting emerging growth companies looking to hit the coveted $1B "unicorn" valuation mark, introduced FORTË, poised to revolutionize the fitness industry by providing access to avant-garde boutique studio classes coached by leading fitness experts worldwide, in its second episode which aired today.

FORTË CEO Lauren Foundos' compelling presentation drew the unanimous financial support of all seven of the show's "Circle of Money" participants, including Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. Viewers interested in FORTË can watch the complete episode to learn more about the company's business proposition on UnicornHunters.com.

"For the last year, (due to COVID-19), gyms around the world have been closed or forced to operate at reduced capacities making virtual offerings a must for gyms to connect to their communities. Even before the pandemic, gyms were wasting capacity, they have the content and community, but they lack the technical prowess to even begin building a digital platform," Foundos told the judges on the show. "That's why I created FORTË. We have developed a fully automated proprietary hardware and software streaming solution for gyms to leverage."

"As a female entrepreneur, I know how difficult it is to raise capital. Women-led startups receive 2% of VC funding, which is a dismal figure compared to our male counterparts. It's time to change this by providing alternative funding options, and Unicorn Hunters does just that," said Silvina Moschini, executive producer of Unicorn Hunters and CEO of SheWorks!. "Lauren's business proposition has what it takes to become a unicorn: it's scalable, disruptive and innovative. I am excited for the world to meet her as she makes her pitch to the Circle of Money."

"To have everyone on the panel's support was really a super awesome experience," Foundos said. "Being featured on Unicorn Hunters is a huge opportunity to accelerate the business and let investors worldwide get in at the ground level. FORTË will certainly become a unicorn company – that, I'm certain of. I won't stop until it does."

FORTË installs proprietary hardware and software in boutique gyms to deliver exclusive fitness classes through an automated camera system that enables classes to be streamed live to FORTË's platform. Subscribers can experience their favorite classes live or through an on-demand library from some of the largest brands in the fitness world, including Under Armour World Headquarters Gym, NFL Players Association, UFC, YMCA and many others.

FORTË was recommended to Unicorn Hunters by Microsoft, which also provided equipment for the show. "Unicorn Hunters is on a mission to democratize access to wealth, so that it is no longer the privilege of a select group by providing viewers with the opportunity to invest in select pre-IPO companies. Unicorn Hunters also allows founders to reach millions of investors around the world increasing their potential to raise capital, which is especially important for women entrepreneurs who, on average, receive only 2% of VC funding," wrote Amber Kinney, Director of Microsoft for Startups in a posting related to FORTË's debut on the show.

Unicorn Hunters creates and comprises a new genre for audiences — enrichtainment — which combines pure entertainment with the potential for companies with high-potential to reach the coveted $1 billion valuation and opportunity to pitch their business plan to millions of potential viewers to back select pre-IPO investment opportunities. The show features a "Circle of Money" panel, which includes Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple), Silvina Moschini (CEO of SheWorks!), Alex Konanykhin (CEO of TransparentBusiness), Lance Bass (singer, actor, producer and investor), Rosa Gumataotao Rios (Former Treasurer of the United States) and Moe Vela (attorney, author, entrepreneur and former Director of Administration to Joe Biden).

New episodes of Unicorn Hunters air every other Monday at 10AM EDT on UnicornHunters.com with parallel distribution via Amazon Prime and multiple online channels, including LinkedIn Broadcast, Facebook Video, YouTube and Vimeo. The series is financed by TransparentBusiness and produced by reality show icon Craig Plestis' Smart Dog Media (The Masked Singer, The Masked Dancer, Celebrity Show Off).

About Unicorn Hunters:
The Unicorn Hunters reality series creates a new genre for audiences called— enrichtainment — which combines pure entertainment with the opportunity to invest and build wealth. The show provides investors with transparent access to select pre-IPO investment opportunities, and boosts innovation by financing emerging growth companies. It also provides an opportunity to invest in historically marginalized or disenfranchised global entrepreneurs such as women, minorities, and LGBTQ.

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