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Unified Patents Launches Cybersecurity Protection Zone, Attracts Numerous Industry Leaders and Innovators

Brings Together Fast-Growing Network of Members to Proactively Reduce NPE Activity in the Cybersecurity Sector

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Unified Patents Inc., the world's only membership organization dedicated to deterring Non-Practicing Entity (NPE) activity, today announced the launch of its Cybersecurity Protection Zone that seeks to deter unsubstantiated or invalid patent assertions within the ever-growing industry.

Cybersecurity companies of all sizes are encouraged to apply for membership in the Cybersecurity Protection Zone, with complimentary membership for small-sized businesses and scaled pricing based on revenue for larger organizations. Membership already includes numerous industry leaders, including Cisco, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, Rapid7, Red Hat and others.

The Cybersecurity Protection Zone spans all areas of cybersecurity, with members that offer the latest innovation in areas such as Cloud Security, Digital Infrastructure Information Protection; Identity and Access Management (IAM); IT Service Management; and Governance, Risk and Program Management.

Unified Patents' latest protection zone accompanies its other zones with areas of concentration including cloud, content, IoT, mobile, retail, transactions and transport. Unified's members benefit from efforts spanning all protection zones.

General Counsels See Unified Patents as a Dedicated Deterrent Partner

"As an independent third party we continue to see great success in deterring patent trolls and killing bad patents – providing proven, repeated benefits for our wide range of members," said Kevin Jakel, CEO at Unified Patents. "We are pleased to name many of the biggest brands in the industry as members of Unified Patents' new Cybersecurity Protection Zone, as this aids both large and small organizations in coming together to fight the sustained IP risk in the industry. General counsels repeatedly praise Unified Patents' work that provides unending value through powerful, ongoing NPE deterrence activities that are lauded by C-Level management and board members."

"The cybersecurity industry works best when we collaborate to address common adversaries," said Corey Thomas, CEO of Rapid7. "Abusive patent lawsuits misuse the court system and tax economic growth and innovation in this vital industry. We looked for an effective deterrent to NPEs, and we are proud to partner with Unified and our industry colleagues to establish the Cybersecurity Protection Zone. We look forward to working with Unified and the Cybersecurity Zone to reduce frivolous patent claims against cybersecurity companies, so that we can all continue to focus on preventing cyberattacks and addressing the cybersecurity challenges facing our customers."

With an ever-expanding benefit as its membership increases, the Cybersecurity Protection Zone offers all security-focused companies an opportunity to invest in an impactful and results-oriented organization. Unified Patents never pays any money to NPEs, whether to purchase licenses or otherwise. This ensures that Unified never incentivizes further NPE activity. Additionally, by focusing on deterrence, Unified is never in the conflicted position of negotiating a licensing deal between NPEs and defendants in litigation.

About Unified Patents
Founded in 2012, Unified Patents is an international membership organization that seeks to improve patent quality and deter unsubstantiated or invalid patent assertions in defined technology sectors (Zones) through its activities. As a deterrence entity, its actions are focused on substantial assertions by Standards Essential Patents (SEP) holders and/or Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs). These actions may include analytics, prior art, invalidity contests, patentability analysis, administrative patent review (PTAB), amicus briefs, economic surveys, and essentiality studies. Unified works independently of its members to achieve its deterrence goals. Small members join for free while larger organizations pay modest annual fees. Visit www.unifiedpatents.com.

Company Contact:
Ilja Bedner
Unified Patents Inc.

Press Contact:
Matthew Zintel
Zintel Public Relations



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