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Unique Pizza and Subs Announces 35 Million Shares Officially Retired and Dr. Reddy Issued Stock

Unique Pizza and Subs Announces 35 Million Shares Officially Retired and Dr. Reddy Issued Stock

Pittsburgh, PA / ACCESSWIRE / September 15, 2014 / Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation (OTC Pink: UPZS) a Delaware Corporation, is pleased to announce 35 million shares of its common stock were officially retired and permanently removed from the issued & outstanding and the company also announces Dr. Reddy was issued his personal stock as upfront compensation to join the Unique team. Dr. Reddy is now ready to take an active daily role in everything Unique Pizza, he will consult on all major company decisions and use his forty plus years of industry contacts to kick open, otherwise closed doors and will help grow Unique Pizza into, Dr. Reddy’s quote from an august 15 public conference call “the next billion dollar company!”

James Vowler President & CEO of Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation said, “We have officially retired 35 million shares, 5 million more than we announced, as we promised to our shareholders two weeks ago. The retirement of the stock has allowed us to issue Dr. Reddy his personal stock and officially get him on board. Many inquiring people have asked us and Dr. Reddy ‘why would 4 time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, accomplished world renowned cheese and probiotic scientist Dr. Reddy want to join a small pizza franchise like Unique?’ and his simple and very complimentary answer has always been, -“Jim has more passion and industry intelligence than anyone I have met in my forty plus years in this business! I love the product and the business model and I believe we can build Unique into a billion dollar company!” (Also a Dr. Reddy quote from the August 15 conference call).- Like a lot of people, I have a hard time excepting compliments, but coming from Dr. Reddy it humbles me and consistently proves his belief and commitment into making Unique an billion dollar company, and this is a man that has built other billion dollar companies!”

About the Company:

Since the beginning of its development stages back in 1991 Unique Pizza and Subs clearly has separated themselves from the other major pizza franchises. They needed to have more than just the best product in the industry; they needed a way to grow rapidly in any market. They noticed all the major pizza franchises were predominately located in only highly populated “A” markets, leaving a tremendously large pizza eating population only serviced by independent pizza shops. Two of the main reasons the major pizza franchises do not locate in smaller “B” markets is because of their inferior quality of their product compared to the local independents and their corporate ownership is not usually welcomed. To succeed in a smaller market, a pizza shop needs to have these key elements: a high quality and consistently made product (all of their recipes were designed to have the quality of a "mom and pop" pizza shop with the consistency of a major franchise) and an owner that lives, works and pays taxes in that small market (all of the conversions of independent pizza shops into Unique Pizza and Subs retain the same local ownership).

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