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Unique Self-Improvement Book 'The Truth About Love and Fear: Love Controls Our Lives, Fear Determines How We Will Live It' Presents New and Radical Ideas

Rudolf Eckhardt's new book provides a spiritually focused perspective on human psychology that looks at fundamental emotional forces which drive the sense of finding harmony

SYDNEY, Oct. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Author Rudolf Eckhardt presents new, radical, spiritually focused and unconventional ideas that have found a realistic application in life in his new book "The Truth About Love and Fear: Love Controls Our Lives, Fear Determines How We Will Live It." The information and ideas featured in the book are all based on Eckhardt's 28 years of experience and proven results with his patients through his Core Belief Therapy.

"The Truth About Love and Fear" details Eckhardt's idea that one needs to change who they are to permanently change one's life. Instead of just changing what we do, we need to change who we are because the relationship we have with ourselves is that one we have with everyone else. By making this mental transition, we create the opportunity to live the way we ultimately want. Readers will learn how they can live their life without their issues and insecurities by recognizing that fear is the driving force behind everyone's negative life and relationship experiences.

Eckhardt reveals how fear sabotages our ability to be the authentic self, we were born to be, and how it prevents us from fulfilling our human potential as a consciousness, a human being, a partner and a parent. He also explains how unconditional love, acceptance and trust are the essence of our spirit-consciousness, which provides a positive directive on how to live true to our unique nature. Even though unconditional love can never be extinguished as the central force of our consciousness, fear will always seek to dominate our senses and demand we respond to its call.

"My goal for this book is to help everyone find the unique, authentic and spontaneous self they were born to be, by releasing their fear-based, limiting self-beliefs, and thereby give expression to the full potential of who they are meant to be," said Eckhardt.

Love and fear are the most fundamental emotions in life that underpin every aspect of our lives and relationships and yet they are the least understood. "The Truth About Love and Fear" explains how fear is a consistent part of our issues and insecurities and how it takes control over our perception, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Eckhardt gives step by step explanations, life and relationship examples so that you can gain the clarity and the practical tools you need to take fear out of your life.

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"The Truth About Love and Fear: Love Controls Our Lives, Fear Determines How We Will Live It"
By Rudolf Eckhardt
ISBN: 978-1-5043-1011-6 (sc); 978-1-5043-1010-9 (e)
Available through Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and TheTruthAboutLoveAndFear.com

About the author
In 1992, Rudolf Eckhardt independently developed the Core Belief Therapy. His philosophy of how humans create their own experience of life and relationships rises out of more than 28 years of work as a therapist with many different nationalities in Australia and other parts of the world. Eckhardt has lived in Australia since 1963 after migrating with his family from the Netherlands. He currently lives in Bondi, NSW where he continues his work as a therapist using Core Belief Therapy and is in the process of writing six additional books including his next one, "The Truth About Relationships" which is geared toward dealing with relationship issues of women and men.

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