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United Airlines gives customer 'newfound faith in humanity' thanks to this simple act

Brit Morin has a newfound faith in humanity thanks to United Airlines — seriously.

The founder and CEO of Brit + Co misplaced both her engagement ring and wedding band “somewhere between New York and Jackson Hole,” Morin shared on Twitter Tuesday. But, United Airlines came to the rescue. “A @United gate agent found it, put it in a safe, and then gave it to a pilot to HAND DELIVER it back to me in SF,” she said of the exchange.

Morin, who shared a photo of the delivery on social media, revealed the pilot returned the rings with a handwritten note. “So happy I was able to return this ring to you. From day to day, I take pride in getting passengers from point A to point B safely and on time,” the captain wrote. “Today I’m happy to be part of a team focused on making just one individual happy (you!).”

While Morin is a new fan of United Airlines, the company has had its fair share of bad reviews recently. Remember when it tried to ban girls wearing leggings from its planes? It also kicked a couple off a plane as they were heading to their wedding. Plus, it seems it values congresswomen over teachers. Of course, there’s also the violent passenger removal scandal.

Basically, this was a good move and major win for the airline. In fact, one of Morin’s followers wondered if this was an act to win back the love of the country. “How do we know you aren’t a creation of United’s (struggling) PR firm?” he tweeted. Morin responded promising she had “no financial ties to United.”

A good lost-and-found engagement ring story is always nice. They’re sometimes more romantic than the actual proposal. Like when a grandmother found her long-lost engagement ring wrapped around a carrot that her granddaughter pulled from her garden.

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