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United Cannabis Corporation Receives Approval To Begin Manufacturing And Distribution Of Products In Jamaica

Prana Hemp Aromatherapy Roll-On, Capsules and Sublingual Drops Are First Products Registered With Jamaica's Ministry Of Health

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / July 11, 2017 / United Cannabis Corporation (CNAB) (the "Company" or "United Cannabis") today announced that Jamaica's Ministry of Health has registered its Prana P5 Hemp Bio Nutrient Capsules, Aromatherapy Roll-On and Sublingual Drops, and approved a Jamaican bilateral partner of the Company, Caribbean Research & Development Limited ("CRD"), to begin production in Jamaica.

Through CRD, the Company now has approval in a legal market to research, cultivate, manufacture, and distribute its CBD-based products in Jamaica and reciprocal countries, giving United Cannabis and CRD immediate means to revenue. The Company has begun to secure facilities, hire and train staff and establish necessary contacts. The Company expects to commence production within 90 days.

Additionally, management believes the ability to produce in Jamaica provides United Cannabis with a real competitive advantage beyond the United States; it enables the Company to access other markets. Countries that allow the purchase of hemp-based products from Jamaica currently include Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and the Company has begun pursuing strategic partners and customers in those markets.

The approval includes the hemp-derived CBD-based formulations from the Company's full cannabis-centric product lines. United Cannabis' aromatherapy roll-on collection is a holistic, solvent-less botanical transdermal oil made from ratio-specific whole plant cannabis oil, cannabis-derived terpenes, almond oil, wild arnica, lavender flowers, juniper berry, and roman chamomile. Patients have found these products effective in treating arthritis, neuropathy, acute pain, joint aches, muscle tension, muscle spasms, muscle recovery, migraines, and various skin conditions.

The Prana Sublingual Collection is another effective delivery mechanism for United Cannabis' proprietary cannabis-centric therapies. Prana Sublingual Drops are available in 5 categories, "raw" and "active" formulations, and accurately deliver 1mg doses for patients. Prana Sublingual drops are an alternative to the oral route and are particularly useful when a rapid onset of micro-dosing is desired, with better patient compliance than oral tablets.

Earnest Blackmon, Chief Executive Officer of United Cannabis, commented on the announcement, "This is the culmination of a four-year effort by the management of United Cannabis to create a relationship with a supportive government in the Caribbean in order to give patients in the area access to improved, alternative health choices, greater access to research, and to create jobs and tax revenues for the local community. To that end, we have initially budgeted over $2 million for investment in facilities and operations at CRD to help ensure a world class operation in Jamaica."

Tony Verzura, the Company's Chief Technology Officer, added, "This is a very big milestone for United Cannabis, CRD, and Jamaica! In the United States, we face many challenges in researching the cannabis plant, however, Jamaica is positioning itself to be a leader in cannabis research and seeks to be a major supplier of cannabis-based products across the world. This approval not only provides us the opportunity to begin generating revenue, but the ability to initiate research brings us a step closer to laying the foundation for clinical studies, and that is our primary, long-term objective."

About Cannabinoid Research & Development Limited

Cannabinoid Research & Development (CRD), a bilateral partner of United Cannabis, is a Jamaican-based corporation pursuing local licensing to advance the use of medical cannabis therapies through biomedical research and development for the nutraceutical industry. CRD focuses on genetic restoration, cannabinoid isolation techniques, scientific research, educational programs, and promotes domestic job opportunities. John Sayers, along with Kenyama Brown, local Jamaican directors and executives of CRD, coupled with Jamaican partners specializing in agricultural science and plant-based medicine, will help United Cannabis implement Sayer's 40 years of agricultural methodologies into localized educational curriculums, job training programs, and help with the integration of localized products.

About United Cannabis Corporation

United Cannabis Corporation is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of phyto-therapeutic based products supported by patented technologies for the pharmaceutical, medical, and industrial markets. The Company has long advocated the application of cannabinoids for medical applications and is building a platform for designing targeted therapies to increase the quality of life for patients around the world. The Company's products are patent-pending, first in class medicines with applications to a global market. United Cannabis trades on the OTCQB under the symbol CNAB.

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