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United Communications Partners Inc. Shareholder's Newsletter: July 2019

NEW YORK, July 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we welcome our shareholders to the monthly issue of the UCP Newsletter. Below you will find the most current information as reported by the management of the companies that fall under our UCPA holding company umbrella.

Thank you again for your continued support of UCP.

Ken Rosenthal

Tre Kronor Media Stockholm    

A letter from the CEO of Tre Kronor Stockholm:

Dear shareholders:

Q2 has been a tough quarter. The online gambling industry has stagnated after the introduction of new legal requirements this year. In June, one of our biggest clients, Global Gaming lost its casino license for its main brand "Ninja Casino", which means that for the time being, it cannot do any marketing in Sweden. This has had a negative impact on our media billings and revenues to date and will have a significant negative financial impact for the remainder of 2019. We have initiated an action plan to achieve cost savings as well as a plan to find new revenue, to mitigate the effect. Consequently, we have had to revise our projections for the year and now aim to achieve break-even in 2019. For additional information see the Extra Shareholder's Newsletter distributed the 1st of July 2019, via EIN news.

As to new clients, we have added one; Randstad, a recruiting/staffing agency.

We have also recruited Lars Rydtzander, who will start in August as our new Head of Strategy & Innovation. He will start a new TKM service in Growth Hacking.

Our media investments are below our budget and we will not reach the budget for the year.

Accumulated for May the overall media investments in Sweden are slightly down (-0,7%) compared to last year. Channels with the most positive development YTD are Online Video (+14.1%), OOH (+8.8%) and Social Media (+7.8%).

Best rgds,

Håkan Jerner
CEO Tre Kronor Media

Tre Kronor Media Denmark   

State of the nation in Denmark is the following:

First half year of 2019 has been a great one. We've separated from the digital agency that we were using and recruited out own digital star Frederik Jespersen. He has a history from most major media holding companies in Denmark and most recently he was the Marketing Director of one of Denmark's biggest telecom companies.

We've also changed offices and are now located in the middle of Copenhagen. The past 6 months we've been aggressive on new business and have landed contracts with a new financial company, an amusement park, a construction company and have several leads that we are hoping to collect on after vacation time. We've unfortunately lost our cooperation with Ellos, but this is due to no spending in Denmark. We've also tightened our cooperation with Sweden and can now offer identical digital services and share future projects.


Tre Kronor Media Gothenburg   

According to Håkan Jerner, CEO Tre Kronor Media, the Gothenburg office has added two new clients: Speedledger, a financial system provider and The Right Livelihood, a charity organization.        


Local Planet – Sweden

Local Planet Sweden is growing, with a lot of promising leads coming this autumn. Several of our existing accounts are growing which also includes production needs.

We recently recruited Peder Högberg, a very experienced broadcast planner. This will be very helpful with our TV and radio planning for our clients. 

Finally, since January 1st, 2019, all of the casinos in Sweden need licenses to operate. Unfortunately, this somewhat impacts the profitability for the gambling clients as well as the media spend.


Local Planet International

During the first half of the year, 2019 has seen no new clients for the Nordic markets within Local Planet International.

As stated in the Extra Shareholder's Newsletter distributed the 1st of July 2019, Tre Kronor Media made a long-term strategic investment in LPI and is engaged in the development of the Network. It offers us new business opportunities at an international level, assists in cost efficiency via the Network development of tools and systems, and is a vehicle for sharing best practice with colleagues in other entrepreneurial driven local agencies in the Network.

About United Communications Partners

United Communications Partners (UCP) is a leading Nordic Region communication's group listed on the OTC Markets under the symbol UCPA. We are comprised of award winning innovative full-service media agencies located in the Nordics. With the client's needs always top of mind, UCP's mission is to grow our client's business exponentially, utilizing cautious strategy, smart client development and expert advice. The core of our expertise exists within our pioneering performance-based marketing, advanced digital capabilities, prominent business expansion success and creative deal structuring for our clients. For more information please visit our website: www.ucpworld.com



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