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Universal Manufacturing & Design, LLC Announces Patent Award for the First Customizable Leaf Protection Product--ONE Gutter Guard™

Unique Technology Patented by Florida Company Solves Myriad of Gutter Clogging Problems by Designing a Versatile Leaf Protection Product that can Optimize the Gutter System for Each Specific Home and Environment

PALM HARBOR, Fla., June 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Universal Manufacturing & Design, LLC, of Palm Harbor, Florida, announced today that it was awarded U.S. Patent US 10,113,315 B2 entitled "Debris Exclusion Device for Rain Gutters" for its proprietary ONE Gutter Guard™ technology. This patent is for a unique technological innovation in gutter guard design that helps solve common gutter clogging problems. Gutter Guards or Leaf Protection products are installed to eliminate debris from clogging the gutter and allow the system to move water away from the property.

ONE Gutter Guard

"There are many products on the market today but the ONE Gutter Guard™ family of products is simply the best performing gutter guard available today due to its unmatched versatility, strength and quality," said Jon Sjostedt, CEO of the company and co-founder. "The innovative and now patented design of ONE Gutter Guard provides the only all-aluminum, interlocking and seamless product that can be customized to protect the property no matter the environment. We are very proud of this patent as it represents how testing and responding to the real-world market can create the best possible products."

While the sole purpose of gutters on a home or business is to divert rain water away from the foundation, when the gutters are clogged with debris they are unable to perform which can lead to extensive water damage to the property. 

"This patent is a recognition that ONE Gutter Guard™ is a unique and proprietary technology," stated Bobby Jackson, President of the company and co-founder. "There are many gutter guards available for a homeowner to choose from. Only ONE Gutter Guard™ stands alone with its proprietary speed channel that securely holds the mesh in place while allowing it to be changed if needed. All other products manufactured using mesh inserts are affixed by glue or crimping methods which can often fail overtime due to expansion and contraction in changing weather. No other product can provide the versatility and quality that ONE Gutter Guard brings to the market with its interchangeable mesh capabilities and many other exclusive features."

ONE Gutter Guard™ is available only from Universal Manufacturing & Design, LLC, which was founded in 2015 with its headquarters in Palm Harbor, Florida.  ONE Gutter Guard™ is available through a dealer network across the United States and Canada. In order to protect the integrity of the product, no other companies may sell, represent, or modify this product without the expressed consent of the company.

The company may be reached online at https://onegutterguard.com.

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