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Upcoming Movies Have Found The Most Effective Use For Vine

Kirsten Acuna

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We've seen a multitude of uses for  Twitter's video app Vine.

In the three months since its launch, the app, which allows users to share six-second looping videos, has become a lucrative location for food porn and recipes, sports clips, and journalists to cover news events

However, it looks like Hollywood may have found the best use for Vine yet. 


Monday,  "The Wolverine" director James Mangold tweeted the first footage for the new movie through Vine.

Dubbed a "tweaser" by Mangold, the director debuted a teaser for a teaser out today

In six seconds, the clip shows roughly 16 different clips set to an overture and, who we presume to be, Hugh Jackman yelling. 

The tweaser. vine.co/v/bDExaiMjJ1F

— James Mangold (@mang0ld) March 25, 2013

The first full trailer for the film won't be out until today. 

Though there's no way of knowing how many times the Vine has been viewed, the "tweaser" has  been retweeted directly from Mangold more than 1,000 times. 

We doubt it will be the last we see of this.

This is the second time in a week that a film has put out marketing content on Vine.

FilmDistrict  released video reactions  last week to early screenings of its new Gerard Butler film, "Olympus Has Fallen" in hopes the videos would help draw buzz for the movie. 

It certainly didn't hurt.

The movie's opening weekend of $30.4 million was the largest debut ever for a FilmDistrict movie—more than double the opening of last year's "Red Dawn" ($14.3 million). 

Deadline speculated Vine may be the next big viral movie marketing tool after FilmDistrict first announced promotion of its film through the app earlier this month.

And, they're not the first movies  to experiment with the video app. 

Indie film distributor Oscilloscope took a different approach to Vine.

Last month, they released an entire movie, "It's A Disaster" in six-second clips on the video app. 

#itsadisaster vine.co/v/b65lI9jTeTz

— Oscilloscope Labs (@OscopeLabs) February 19, 2013

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