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We Updated Our Excellent Tamron Prime Lens Guide! Come Look!

·3 min read

The Phoblographer is the best place on the web to find independent, unsponsored, and editorially sound real-world camera lens reviews. We’ve reviewed the most. And today, we’re super excited to announce that we’ve updated our Tamron Prime Lens guide. You should go take a look. For years, we’ve been keeping an updated guide of Tamron’s prime lenses. It includes everything pretty much from the past decade. They might not have a ton of lenses, but each one is special and unique.

Specifically, we updated the Tamron Prime Lens Guide to do a few things:

  • Take up more screen real estate on the desktop

  • List official Tamron tech specs for each lens

  • Include a sample photo from our independant reviews

The guide contains affiliate links, and if you make a purchase, we may receive affiliate commissions. They’re small and at no extra cost to you. If anything, they keep the site running. This year, we’ve seen that you folks have bought a ton of Tamron lenses through our affiliate links. You sure seem to love them. And in the past few years, there’s a whole lot to like.

Further (saying this as Founder, Editor in Chief, and Publisher), Tamron has been a site advertiser this year. But the revamped Tamron Prime Lens Guide isn’t part of the sponsorship. We created the guide a long time ago. We’re just getting geared up for the holiday season. Since we know a lot of you folks bought them this year, there might be more of you who want to take the plunge. I personally bought two Tamron lenses.

Tamron has focused really hard on the Sony E mount in recent history. They’ve also announced they’re now creating lenses for Fujifilm X mount. So maybe it’s a matter of time before we see more lenses for X mount. But in the meantime, Sony E mount users can enjoy lots of great Tamron benefits. Tamron’s lenses are weather-resistant. And across the board, the staff has found the least sensor debris on Sony cameras after using their optics. The company gives you a lot of great value.

What’s more, Tamron lenses focus significantly faster than some of the others out there. Of course, Sony lenses will focus the fastest on their own system. But Tamron lenses focus much faster than Sigma lenses, for example. This is because Tamron is partially owned by Sony. Because of that close relationship, it’s hard to beat what the two companies have made together. Plus, you can use pretty much all of Sony’s autofocusing tricks. We’ve used face/eye detection on both animals and humans.

Are Tamron’s lenses good enough for a professional photographer? Totally. We also think they’ll be right at home with any passionate photographer who wants something more affordable. They’re handy, small, and highly capable. We hope Tamron makes even more prime lenses in the future. Want a wide-angle? Check out their 20mm f2.8 lens. What about a general-purpose lens? Well, you can’t beat the 35mm f2.8 or even their 35mm f1.4!

We think you’ll like our Tamron Prime Lens Guide. It’s chock full of the information you need. And it contains quotes from all our reviews. The reviews have been worked on by various journalists over the years. They’ll give you all the information you’re looking for. We go into things like bokeh, weather-sealing, autofocus performance, sharpness, and a lot more. Go ahead, dive in! Take a look at our Tamron Prime Lens Guide and all the reviews inside.