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Upflex Launches Flexible & Sustainable Co-Working Booking Platform With Over 8,000 Locations Globally

Company Closes $4.1 Million Seed Round And Expands Management Team With Former IWG-Regus Senior Executive

Upflex Inc. today officially launched its co-working booking platform for businesses, a global marketplace providing access to over 8,000 workspaces in 200 cities across 65 countries. Additionally, Upflex closed a $4.1 million seed round led by Silicon Valley investor Ecosystem Integrity Fund (EIF) and hired former IWG Regus executive Liassine Talbi to lead global sales.

Today's mid-to-large companies face three critical challenges. First, they need to reduce their reliance on real estate and the number of long-term lease commitments. Second, they increasingly need to provide more workplace choices to their employees to stay competitive in terms of talent acquisition and retention. Third, these same companies are committing to sustainability goals driving toward a smaller carbon footprint.

Upflex launched a proprietary co-working booking platform to address these challenges and was designed to help companies reduce both their office costs and carbon footprint. The platform gives any company access to on-demand desks, private offices, and meeting rooms on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. By aggregating co-working brands through one booking and billing system, companies and their employees can book flexible spaces anywhere and anytime.

"We believe the future of office space lies in the management and understanding of the usage data at scale" said Christophe Garnier, CEO of Upflex. "Our clients want access to a global and flexible inventory that matches their needs while reducing their office costs. We created the Upflex platform for them while setting a new standard in sustainable workplace."

"We have seen the trend towards flexible work become an industry standard, with undeniable value-add and productivity gains," said Sasha Brown, partner at EIF. "But, existing offerings forced companies to forecast their usage upfront, leading to over-expenditure and wastefulness. In our view, Upflex's model is the most sustainable and cost-effective solution that exists today."

For more information, visit www.upflex.com or follow the company at @UpflexAppGlobal.


Upflex is the world's first sustainable and flexible co-working booking platform for businesses. The platform is a global marketplace providing access to over 8000 workspaces in 200 cities across 65 countries. Co-founded by Christophe Garnier and Ginger Dhaliwal, Upflex focuses on the needs of the changing workforce, reducing costs, and making a positive environmental impact. Upflex closed a $4.1 million seed round from leading Silicon Valley investor Ecosystem Integrity Fund. Upflex has partnered with Trees.org to plant a tree for every area booked using its platform. The company has already planted 10,000 trees thanks to its first 100 clients. For more information, visit https://upflex.com/ and follow @Upflexapp.

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