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New Upgrades in NetActuate Toronto Data Center Enhance Network Performance and Increase Service Capacity

NetActuate recently finished a second round of upgrades in their Toronto, Canada, data center that further reduced network latency and increased capacity for colocation deployments. The deployment of a new cloud platform for VMs and bare metal in Toronto will improve performance and enable new remote management capabilities.

RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- NetActuate recently announced the completion of a second round of upgrades to their Toronto, Canada data center. NetActuate's deployment in 151 Front Street West, Canada's largest carrier hotel, now has additional capacity for colocation, bare metal, and virtual machines. Recent connectivity upgrades now provide greater network performance and reliability throughout Canada and across North America.

"Our deployment in 151 Front Street West remains a critically important part of our global footprint, and demand for network and infrastructure services there have spiked in recent months," said Mark Mahle, CEO and Principal Technology Architect. "This second round of upgrades further reduced network latency throughout Canada and North America, and increased capacity for colocation customers."

In Toronto, NetActuate also deployed a new cloud platform that improved performance for bare metal and virtual machines, and enabled new remote management capabilities. Along with the upgraded experience completed earlier in the year, NetActuate's online portal now provides customers a fast and easy way to deploy and manage VMs and bare metal across major global markets.

NetActuate's Toronto data center provides access to Canada's most populous city – a regional center for financial services and a natural network point for cloud/hosting and large enterprise networks. The facilities at 151 Front Street West maintain unsurpassed levels of security, reliability, and connectivity. In this location, NetActuate connects to major network providers, as well as the Toronto Internet Exchange ("TORIX"), in order to provide low latency access to networks throughout Eastern Canada.

NetActuate's Toronto data center is certified compliant for SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. Customers can leverage NetActuate's cross-border expertise in shipping and customs for managed colocation deployments. NetActuate's experienced 24×7 NOC and local technicians are available to provide remote hands and expert support.

Providers can easily deploy and expand their global presence on NetActuate's Anycast Delivery Platform, built on one of the largest peered IPv4 and IPv6 networks in the world. Purpose built to deliver low latency and high reliability across diverse global markets, NetActuate's anycast platform is available from their Toronto location, as well as over 30 US and global locations, with simple, predictable monthly pricing.

As part of NetActuate's global footprint, customers can deploy their hybrid environments into this and over 30 additional US and global locations, without having to manage multiple vendors for their infrastructure and low-latency network services.

To learn more about NetActuate's services from Toronto, please schedule a call with a solution specialist by calling 1-800-419-2656 or visiting netactuate.com.

About NetActuate
Operating one of the 10 largest IPv4 and IPv6 peered networks in the world, NetActuate helps providers get closer to their end users – no matter where in the world they are. Available from over 30 locations worldwide, our managed network and infrastructure services simplify and accelerate the global distribution of online applications and SaaS platforms. Learn more today at 1-800-419-2656 or at netactuate.com. To learn more about BGP anycast and how it can help reduce latency across diverse global markets, visit NetActuate's anycast information resource site at anycast.com.