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UpperEdge Announces First-of-its-Kind Integrated Sourcing Strategy for SAP S/4HANA Transformations

Holistic Approach to Sourcing De-Risks Programs and Enables Effective Decision Making

Integrated Sourcing Strategy for SAP S/4HANA Transformations

Holistic Approach to Sourcing De-risks Programs and Enables Effective Decision Making
Holistic Approach to Sourcing De-risks Programs and Enables Effective Decision Making

Boston, MA, Nov. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UpperEdge, an independent third-party advisory company that empowers organizations to get the most value from their IT supplier relationships, announced the launch of its Integrated Sourcing Strategy framework designed to support enterprise transformation initiatives such as the complex move to SAP S/4HANA.

On average, 65% of all IT programs exceed budget, with 75% going at least 50% over budget.  In addition, 73% of company transformations fail to deliver on the growth and profitability targets established by the internal project teams, leading to increased pressure from boards and investors. The UpperEdge Integrated Sourcing Strategy was specifically designed to enable clients to make sound decisions and de-risk these multi-threaded, multi-year initiatives.

“With modern vendor go-to-market strategies and new support models such as RISE, companies need to radically shift the way they approach vendor evaluations and negotiations. The traditional, serial approach to sourcing transformation initiatives no longer supports effective decision making,” said Len Riley, Commercial Advisory Practice Leader at UpperEdge. “To de-risk these initiatives and avoid long-term operational issues, forward-thinking IT leaders are taking a holistic and integrated approach to sourcing, evaluating, and negotiating their SAP Software, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, System Implementation and Managed Services relationships.”

UpperEdge’s team of sourcing and negotiation experts have advised on over 1,000 transactions and $55B+ of project spend, helping its clients achieve an average ROI of 32x. UpperEdge is leveraging its unique combination of sourcing expertise and proprietary methodologies and toolsets to bring this solution to the market and provide guidance to enterprises throughout the entire project lifecycle.

UpperEdge’s proprietary Integrated Sourcing Strategy for S/4HANA enables effective decision making in business and IT transformations across these five workstreams:

  1. Strategy & Business Case (Phase 0)

  2. SAP Negotiation Strategy (RISE vs. Perpetual Models)

  3. Infrastructure Selection

  4. Implementation Services

  5. Managed Services

David Blake, Founder and CEO of UpperEdge, added that “Organizations that execute integrated sourcing strategies for their transformational programs will be best positioned to make good decisions that eliminate major risks and set their programs up for success, while also establishing key provider relationships that are scalable, flexible, and predictable for the long term.”

UpperEdge provided an overview of its Integrated Sourcing Strategy in a recorded webinar, “Key Decisions for Your S/4HANA Journey,” where sourcing and negotiation advisors addressed the key strategic decisions and risks in each of the five key workstreams that companies will need to consider in their journey to SAP S/4HANA. Download the recording at https://bit.ly/3CEhQCg.

About UpperEdge

UpperEdge is a leading IT sourcing and commercial advisory firm that maximizes the value companies receive from their key IT supplier relationships by helping them develop and execute fact-based sourcing, negotiation, and transformation program execution strategies. Visit www.upperedge.com for more information.


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