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UpStack's Jeff August Speaks About the Future of Edge Networking and Hybrid Cloud at BraveIT

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- UpStack's Chief Strategy Officer, Jeff August, spoke at Brave IT on Thursday, September 19th about the future of hyperconverged IT, edge computing, and the rise of private clouds in enterprise business models. August emphasized that the edge right now is about bringing the data closer to where the networks come together and capitalizing on that convergence for improved performance. This is in opposition to the idea that data must live at the literal edge – or as close to customer devices as possible – at least for the next 5-10 years, according to August. UpStack sees significant demand for colocation in carrier-neutral near-edge data centers as enterprise-level buyers are researching and managing proposals for new and often less-familiar geographies.

Jeff August of UpStack discusses hybrid cloud environments and edge networks at Tierpoint's BraveIT conference on September 19, 2019. He was joined by Colby Synesael of Cowen, Chris Crosby of Compass Data Centers, Jason Tofsky of Goldman Sachs, and David Sangster of Nutanix. The panel was moderated by Mary Meduski.

The edge is not new. August has been working on edge deployments since 2007.

"At the time, 'edge' was about content delivery networks and caching," August added. "As the purpose of edge has evolved to focus on network performance, we are seeing demand across all industries, and for businesses large and small. Today at UpStack, we see particular interest among enterprise-level buyers with limited familiarity of other markets, as we allow them to do thorough research and vetting in new geographies before investing on-the ground resources."

The panel, which included Colby Synesael of Cowen, Chris Crosby of Compass Data Centers and others, mentioned public cloud will continue to grow at healthy rates, but medium to enterprise sized businesses are investing in hybrid and private cloud models, because their applications and workloads are increasing in complexity. Colocating equipment in data centers and utilizing virtualization services, from companies like Nutanix, allows organizations to support their growing complexity and security needs, while garnering tremendous cost savings that would be impossible in a public-cloud only model. Given the flexibility that colocation data centers can provide, this strategy allows companies the ability to build out edge nodes, at scale, to improve performance.

A global expert in developing internet, network, and infrastructure capabilities, Jeff August joined UpStack as its CSO earlier this year. He has deployed colocation and networking for companies like Yahoo, Facebook, Dropbox, and Square.

About UpStack:
UpStack was founded by colocation experts who were frustrated with the data center services procurement experience. We empower the entire data center services ecosystem – from service providers to IT infrastructure professionals to their advisors – to make better business decisions. For buyers, we do this through quote and pricing transparency and education. For advisors, we remove the hassle of interpreting quotes so they can focus on consultation. For providers, we enable sales teams to quote easily and accurately. Visit us at https://upstack.com


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