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Urban warriors: New Honda Forza scooter and Grom mini motorcycle

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Honda just announced two new models aimed at beginning and experienced riders looking for fuel-efficient, easy-to-handle transportation, including a scooter with optional antilock brakes.

The Forza scooter offers seating for two, and it is powered by a fuel-injected and liquid-cooled 300 cc engine matched with a CVT automatic transmission. Honda claims the Forza will deliver sufficient power for highway cruising, and it averages 68 mpg on regular fuel.

The Forza features an under-seat storage area large enough to swallow two full-face helmets and a smaller compartment in the dash equipped with a 12-volt outlet for charging phones and other devices. The base model is priced at $5,599; the Forza ABS starts at $6,099—a modest price premium for this potentially life-saving safety system. Both variations are scheduled to be in showrooms in July.

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For buyers looking for an entry-level motorcycle or maybe an alternative to their skateboard, Honda is also rolling out the funky and compact-sized Grom. With a low 29.7-inch seat height, small scooter-scale 12-inch wheels, and a curb weight of just 225 pounds with a full tank, Honda says the distinctively styled Grom is aimed at young urban buyers. We'd add that they best be targeting riders of modest stature.

Despite essentially being a ¾-scale motorcycle, the Grom can accommodate two riders. It is powered by a 125 cc engine paired with a four-speed manual transmission, although for its mission as a scooter alternative, we're wondering if an automatic might be better-suited to urban life. Big bike features include electric start and disc brakes front and rear. Honda has not published a fuel economy claim for the Grom, saying only that it will get you around for pocket change. Priced at $2,999, the Grom arrives in August.

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—Jim Travers

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