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US-China trade talks face long odds, it's all about leverage: Former diplomat

Nick Giampia

A former U.S. diplomat expressed doubts Monday about this week's Sino-American trade talks being successful.

Amy Celico, a principal at the Albright Stonebridge Group, told FOX Business’ Liz Claman on “The Claman Countdown” that neither party in the Shanghai talks appear to be very optimistic.

“Both sides are setting very low expectations for an actual deal to emerge from these talks in Shanghai this week," she said.

“It’s all a game of leverage,” she said.

Celico said President Trump is trying to use China’s weakening economy to gain the upper hand during trade talks.

“On the U.S. side, President Trump has consistently pointed out that China’s economy is much weaker than ours right now and so China needs a deal with the United States,” she said.

Celico also suggested that the upcoming 2020 election could potentially benefit China.


“I’m quite sure the Chinese are thinking right now President Trump has an election that obviously Xi Jinping will never face in China and so that’s putting some pressure on the U.S. side, but they’re trying to gain as much leverage as possible to try and make some extractions from the U.S. side possible.”

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