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US Drug Watchdog Urges Class Action, MDL Lawyers to Develop a Much More Efficient Way to Help Victims of Recalled Drugs, Medical Devices -- Local Car Accident Lawyers Are Not the Answer, a National Approach is Needed

WASHINGTON, Nov. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The US Drug Watchdog is appealing to full time class action or multi district litigation law firms to figure out a better way to assist victims of a recalled drug that has severe side effects, a poorly designed medical device or household products such as weed killers that may end up giving those who use them cancer or other serious illnesses.

The average consumer sees a TV commercial about an ear plug, all metal hip implant or a weed killer they may call the 800 telephone number if they were impacted by the defective product-and rather than ending up with a law firm that has the capabilities and knowledge to assist -- the victim/consumer ends up with "Lazy Bob" the truck accident attorney-who went to a seminar about how to get rich off of class actions. How does a consumer impacted by a defective drug-medical device or consumer product benefit from a car accident attorney or dog bite law firm-that have no real understanding of the damages done to the victim-and or the legal remedies?

When the typical victim dealing with the impact of a defective drug or medical device asks questions-about how much, when or whatever-typically, none of the attorneys they call seem to be able to answer their questions. This needs to change-as soon as possible. Victims of a defective drug, medical device or consumer product should not be treated like a commodity-with no value. https://USDrugWatchdog.Com

The US Drug Watchdog says, "We are not huge fans of middlemen marketing law firms when it comes to extremely serious injuries with specific fact sets-because people like this can go direct-to qualified lawyers who know how to help these types of people."

"However, when it comes to defective drugs, medical devices or consumer products class actions/MDLs we think a national marketing approach would end up helping a lot more people and as importantly the injured parties would have a timeline with respect to what their settlement would be and when they might receive it."

"We literally are still getting calls from people with defective all metal hip implants, failed trans-vaginal mesh products and numerous other defective drugs or medical products-because--we are the only group they can find. The attorneys who initially signed these people up are long gone-or they do not return client phone calls-and these people need answers!"

"In the class action or multi-district litigation (MDL) world there is enormous value, prestige and frequently huge bucks for a law firm getting a seat at the steering committee table-or being designated at lead counsel for one of these lawsuits. We are urging these lawyers---who frequently sit at (all-of) the big MDL/Class Action steering committee tables----to spend some money on a first-class marketing law firm--to get the word out nationally-with a uniform message. The marketing law firm must have superior case management capabilities as well."

"We are certain the results would be better for all involved. Isn't the bottom line helping the victims of defective drugs, medical devices and or consumer products? Trust us-'Lazy Bob'-the truck accident attorney-who went to a weekend class action seminar is not the answer-when it comes to helping clients/victims involved in any type of class action or MDL. A much more professional approach is needed." https://USDrugWatchdog.Com

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M. Thomas Martin


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